How to make your own Fleece Liners from a Walmart Blanket

As a “lazy cloth diaper mom”, I’m not about to be sticking my hand in the toilet or dealing with poop everywhere. I love the benefits of cloth diapers especially the eco-friendly factor and the cost savings, so I’ve had to find ways to do it effectually without grossing me (or my husband) out! One thing we LOVE are fleece liners! There are several different options for cloth diaper liners out there but the fleece liners make your cloth diapering experience so much easier!

A common liner is a disposable option like the Unscented Bamboo Biodegradable Diaper Liners, but…

There are 3 reasons I did NOT like using these.

1. They felt wasteful. You have to throw it away every diaper change, even if it’s just pee. A 100 pack would only last about 2-3 weeks for us. So at $10 a roll, that’s $15-20 a month.

2. They were gross to touch and so thin that I still had to touch poop when I got it out to throw it away.

3. They wadded up and didn’t catch the poop anyway. You also can’t use the liner to “pre-wipe” the poop off the baby’s bum because it’s so thin and usually too messed up in the diaper to use effectively.



Here’s 4 reasons fleece liners are far superior:

1. You can wash and reuse them! Even the poop ones if you want although I just throw the poop ones away. My little one poops about once a day so the 44 liners from a $2.50 Walmart blanket last us about 5 weeks! There is a little prep involved this way, but I just do about 4 blankets in 1 sitting to last 4-5 months. Easy and cheap!

2. They are thicker, so they don’t bunch up and are much easier to take out and throw away. I rarely have poop that gets on the diaper as it’s usually completely contained in the fleece liner. Easy throw-away! If it’s just pee, I throw it in the wet bag with the rest of the diapers.

3. It provides a moister wicking layer between the baby and the wet diaper. We’ve had significantly fewer rashes and wetness irritation since using these because it pulls the moister away from the skin.

4. You can use ANY diaper rash cream! There are lists out there of cloth diaper friendly creams, but I didn’t want to take the time or spend the money on researching it. With a fleece liner, you can use whatever because it’s not touching the cloth diaper and affecting the absorbency.


Fleece liners are EASY to cut up and especially if you find the Walmart blankets it’s CHEAP too! The fleece blankets can be seasonal, so I usually stock up in the winter when they put them out in the middle aisle in a large bin. Here’s a quick tutorial for you to make your own, or if you’re more of a visual person you can watch the video above!

DIY Tutorial

Watch the video above for the tutorial, but here are the written instructions!

You will need:

– Walmart fleece throw OR any fleece that doesn’t repel liquid (like Blizzard fleece from Joanns)

Scissors OR a rotary blade and cutting mat



– Cut off any decorative edging around blanket. 

– Fold the blanket in half, short ends together.

– Fold in half again the same direction (hamburger style). There should be 4 layers of fabric there

– Cut strips 6 inches wide along the length of the fabric.

– Then cut off folded ends to make the liners 6″X14″ approximately. 

All done! If the folding is stressing you out, just cut one out 6X14 and use it to cut out all your liners one by one. No worries! It’ll be worth it! Watch the video above to hear more about why using fleece liners is soooo much better than disposable liners!


You can also make your own cloth wipes in this video here.


I also have a tutorial on making your own diaper covers!


If you want to branch out even FURTHER, you can make your own cloth pads! Including postpartum pads to heal your lady bits without adding rashes and irritation into the mix.


~ All things for you and your new little life ~

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  1. Brittany on May 31, 2020 at 15:18

    My fleece blanket says 100% polyester…will that work??

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