Cloth Menstrual Pads??? 8 Reasons to consider switching…

I’ll admit, the first time someone mentioned they used cloth menstrual pads my thought was, “Eww, that’s super gross. That’s definitely something I’m OK with throwing away. Touching? Washing? Storing? Yuck.” This was also my first thought about cloth diapering, which I’ve actually come to love.

If you’re wondering what would possess someone to use cloth menstrual pads, here are 8 common reasons women choose to use cloth menstrual pads over disposable products.

1.The Health/Comfort

This is the #1 reason I hear from women who choose to use cloth. Itching, rash, smell, infection, irritation, and a general uncomfortable feeling are not uncommon with disposable products. So many chemicals and synthetic materials go into making disposables and those things are constantly rubbing on and absorbing through a very sensitive section skin.

Many women even report SHORTER and LESS PAINFUL periods when using cloth products. The substances used in disposables irritate more than just the skin. Who doesn’t want a shorter cycle?

Cups are an option instead of tampons if your just not a pad person at all, but are sometimes uncomfortable. If you like a backup panty liner along with your cup, cloth is a great option for that as well and has become a personal favorite combination of mine.

2. The Happiness

Cloth pads are so stinking pretty. This may seem like a silly reason to use cloth over disposables, but many cloth users say they actually look forward to their periods! What??? You heard me. They have pads in every shape and print to meet your individual style. Harry potter fans? You bet. Irony lover? Oh yes. Love nature or unicorns? There’s a pad for you. Feeling Political? Go for it. Crude and crass humor? Heck yes. Whatever suits your fancy. Even find a WAHM to customize them for you! Just look at these pads and tell me they don’t make you happy 🙂 (or at least snicker a little!)

3. The Cost

While you may not think you’re spending much on supplies each month, consider the overall costs. If you spend $10-$15 a month on disposable products, that’s $120-$180 per year. A basic starting stash will cost you around $40-$50 for 10 pads. That means you’d have to wash once (maybe twice) a cycle. So in 3 months, you can break even, potentially never having to buy pads again.

Now some people aren’t actually saving much, for the same reason some don’t save much on cloth diapering. It’s because there are so many beautiful, fun, and new pads out there it’s hard not to buy ALL THE PRETTIES. So beware of this slippery slope…. However, it will lead to increased happiness so weigh your pros and cons here.

4. The Environment

Upcycled from scarps!

Many who use cloth are doing it to be considerate of the environmental impact that our waste has. Along with the significantly less waste that cloth pads produce, pads can be up-cycled from just about anything if your interested in using all recycled items

5. The Convenience

Not having to speed down the tampon isle in a frantic state, stop and stare at all the options, or send your significant other out for an emergency trip to the store can make it all worth it to have a ready to use stock at home.

Plus, if you are already cloth diapering, just throw your pads in too and you wont even notice the extra laundry. If you don’t have kids or are reluctant to try cloth diapers, all it takes is a quick rinse then throw them in with your regular laundry. You can find lots of info on washing routines to make sure they get really clean but you’ll quickly realize it’s a very minimal amount of additional work.

6.  They’re Fun to Make

Anyone with basic sewing skills can make a cute, functional cloth pad. Although if you prefer more advanced methods, those are out there too! You can make pads out of just about anything and even use scraps or up-cycled materials like receiving blankets, old t-shirts, bath towels, you name it! But be careful, making cloth pads can easily become addicting.. although there are lots of facebook support groups of makers who are also addicted to sewing cloth pads so you’ll always have the company and advice of others 🙂

7.  The Postpartum Benefits

So you just had a baby, nothing in that vagina for 6 weeks. Faithful tampon users have just encountered their worst nightmare. Not only are things EXTRA sensitive down there, but you may have some stitches as well. Cloth is often significantly more comfortable and forgiving of your healing body. The hospital postpartum pads are HUGE to say the least, and you can also find some nice big postpartum cloth to help with all the extra flow. Often, you can find pads that have gussets on the sides or toppers made especially for heavy/gushing flow. Here are a few examples of some great postpartum options.

8. The Curiosity

“What’s all the hype about?”

“I have a friend who LOVES using cloth and she seems like a normal person?”

“Sounds fun, but I only want to commit to trying out a few pads…”

There’s nothing wrong with trying something new just to see what it’s all about! Many women start this way and become lifelong cloth pad users.

If any of these reasons stick out to you, I encourage you to give cloth a try! Good Luck!

I occasionally sell these in my shops. You can find more information here!





OR want to make your own? Check out this tutorial video!


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Cloth Menstrual Pads??? 8 Reasons to consider switching...

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