How to Use Cloth Wipes – Picking the best option for you

If you’re already cloth diapering, using cloth wipes is a logical next step. It may seem like just another thing to worry about in the cloth diapering world, but in fact, for us using cloth wipes when cloth diapering is actually EASIER than using disposable wipes. You don’t have to separate the poopy wipes to throw away later, you can just put it all in the same wet bag saving yourself a step. You’re also saving money and reducing waste by choosing reusable wipes. However, we’ve tried out several cloth wipe routines and some have been better than others! Here are 3 of the most common ways to start using cloth wipes along with pros and cons to each.

*If you want to learn how to make your own wipes check out this video

*If you still need to purchase wipes, check out these or these!

1.Wet the wipes in the sink before every diaper change

This method did not last long at our house. It was too much of a pain to get the wipes, walk to the bathroom to wet them, and then get the baby ready. Hopefully you don’t run out of wetted wipes because you can’t leave a half poopy baby on the changing table to go wet more! Some people do like this method though because literally all you need is cloth wipes. Simple!

NOTE: Although we don’t use this much at home, this is the method I use when are out and about. I wet wipes in the restroom sink before I begin the diaper change so I don’t have to pre-make wet wipes before leaving the house or carrying around a squirt bottle. Some people disposable wipes when not at home but I always forget to take them out of the wet bag before washing and hate the separate pile to throw away!



2.Stack of dry wipes & spray bottle

I did this for a long time, and it worked well. I tried using just water and spraying the number of wipes I thought I’d need for the job before I started. It worked OK but I didn’t feel like it was getting him quite clean enough so I added a drop of baby soap in the squirt bottle and had much better success. Some people use a drop or two of their favorite essential oil or other cleaning agent. Sometimes my little one didn’t like the cold water from the bottle that had been sitting out, but he got used to it. It was also easy to spray a few more wipes if I didn’t start with enough. A very simple method too since all you need is wipes and a squirt bottle!


3.Wet wipes with a homemade wipe solution

As soon as my husband got sick of spraying wipes with a wiggly poopy baby on the table he asked for a different wipe routine, so I thought I’d try making pre-wet wipes. There are many different recipes for wipe solutions but this has been my favorite. BabyBits are a natural wipe solution that I’ve loved. Here’s a BabyBits purchase link for you if you want to try it too! You can also put these in a wipe warmer which your little one will love, especially for night time diaper changes.

It’s pretty self-explanatory to make wet wipes but here’s a quick walkthrough for you so you can see if this is the right option to add to your routine. It does take a little more prep work than the other methods (still less than 5 minutes, 1-2 times a week), but it makes the changing process SOO much easier, and it has resulted in the cleanest bottom (and happiest husband) for us so far.


You Need:

Wipe Container

Cloth Wipes

BabyBits Wipe Solution

1.Put wipes in an old container, tupperware, or wipe warmer. I usually do enough for 2-4 days (about 35 wipes). If they sit longer that 5-6 days, just watch out for mold, although I’ve never had any problems with that.

2.Boil 1 cup water then add a BabyBits square. It will dissolve quickly. (Boiling the water helps get any bacteria out reducing the chance for mold)

3.Pour solution over wipes


If you have a cloth wipe routine that you love, comment below! Also check out my other videos on making your own cloth wipes and cloth diapering tips and tricks.

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How to Use Cloth Wipes - Picking the best option for you

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