Birth Videos & Photography Collection – Links to positive birth stories

Have you found yourself wanting to check out some amazing birth photography or watch videos of real women giving birth? Most expecting moms can’t get enough! The only trouble is, you never quite know what you’re getting when you click on that YouTube video…

Well here’s a list of amazing birth videos and photography for you! I’ve included a brief description so you know what you’re getting on the other end of that click. You can find everything here from home birth, hospital birth, outdoor birth, hypnobirth, documentaries on birth, top birth photographers, twin births, unassisted birth, surrogate birth, water birth, you name it!


As you prepare for your upcoming birth, it’s helpful to see POSITIVE birth videos, stories, and hear from ACTUAL women that birth can be amazing, no matter how it happens. Not that you’re ignoring the fact bad things do happen sometimes, but creating that bubble of peace (hypnobirthing term, learn more here!) and surrounding yourself with positive thoughts about your birth. It can really make a difference in your personal birth experience and help ease any anxiety leading up to it.

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Birth Photography & Childbirth Documentaries

Monet Nicole has BEAUTIFUL, raw photos and videos of birth in all it’s messy, wonderful ways. She is one of my favorites!!

The Business of Being Born – An incredible documentary series on birth and the birth practices and culture in our modern world. (This is a personal favorite of mine because this documentary changed both mine AND my spouse’s views on birth and started us on the path to our wonderful natural births of our 2 sons.)

Laboring Under An Illusion: Mass Media Childbirth vs. The Real Thing (Download/Stream) an awesome movie/documentary to rent!


Non-Graphic Birth Videos

Natural hospital birth – 42 weeks – 3 mins: video & Same gal, HBAC 4 mins: video

Natural Home Water Birth – 6 mins: Perfect homebirth and lots of family and siblings present.

Birth of Sloane – 7 mins: Water home birth with cord burning and herbal bath. Mom and Dad catch baby together in the water!

Earthside – Surrogate birth in a birth center – 5 mins: (mildly graphic) video. Uses nitrous to help manage contractions.

Earthside – Rainbow Baby Hospital Birth – 5 mins: Pushing and delivery on a birth stool, a beautiful hospital birth!

Earthside – Natural All Hospital Birth – 5 mins: (very mild graphic) Another example of using Nitrous Oxide during labor.

Twin Birth at Birth Center – 8 mins: Still laboring while holding her first baby, this is a perfect example of a natural twin birth. WOW.

EMOTIONAL LIVE BIRTH VLOG | NATURAL UNMEDICATED WATER BIRTH20 mins: A beautiful Vlog style of natural water birth

Birth Video (Warning: You May Cry!)4 mins: This one is perfect if you’re looking for all the feels! He made this video for his wife… soo precious!

Aria’s Breeched Water Birth! – Labor and Delivery12 mins: Another cry risk!! Birth video to music, so much love and support surrounding this woman. Baby has a little trouble breathing right away but they keep her on moms chest and all is well!


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Real, Raw Birth Videos

Xander’s Birth – 9 mins: hospital birth, siblings present, dad catches the baby (graphic)

Unassisted birth in nature – 22 mins: warning, Graphic

Birth in a Car4 mins: Warning, not for everyone. If you have a fear of your baby coming in the car, you may want to skip this one. This almost NEVER happens just FYI! But so cool they caught it on video. Loud, intense, and fast birth! She handled it like a champ!

Epidural birth9 mins: A short video of laboring down and directed pushing with an epidural

Delivery Day!18 mins: A Vlog style video of a beautiful woman laboring in the tub and having an epidural birth. She talks you through a lot of the birth emotions and you can watch a great example of pushing with an epidural. An excellent video!


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Hypnobirth Videos

*Learn more about Hypnobirthing or get the Hypnobabies Home Study Course here!*

Mariah’s Painless Hospital Hypnobirth – 6 mins: A Personal Favorite of mine!!

Oliver’s Pain-Free Water Hypnobirth – 7 mins: Wow!!

easy birthing – Daisy’s HypnoBirth Homebirth Waterbirth15 mins: You can hear her listening to the Hypnobirthing tracks as she labors, beautiful video.

Peaceful and calm water birth- Helena’s hypnobirthing9 mins: You can really see her abdomen/uterus working here, very cool!

Amy’s Orgasmic Birth3 mins: A woman really enjoying the sensuality of birth. Birth can be a pleasurable experience!

Norah’s Natural HypnoBirth20 mins: Another great birth for you to get a picture of what a home birth is like, especially using hypnobabies techniques.


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C-Section Birth Videos and Other Interventions

C-Section Run Through Simulation  – 5 mins: This is NOT a real c-section, just a practice run. It will give you a good idea of what to expect though and is a GREAT watch for someone who doesn’t want to see the real graphic c-section. After the baby is born, it does take about 30-45 minutes to sew mom back up, which was not shown here.

Emotional Live C-section Birth21 mins: MY FAVORITE C-SECTION PREP VIDEO. Non-graphic, the video is positioned on the mother and partner during the birth and gives you an EXCELLENT idea of what a c-section delivery is really like without any graphic or bloody visuals.

LABOR, DELIVERY, & HOMECOMING! | SCHEDULED INDUCTION –  35 mins: A long vlog style video with lots of advice for 1st-time moms. She has an induction, epidural, and other interventions. It’s a good, real-life experience with induction.

C-section Vlog39 mins: Mildly graphic, dad shoots video from his perspective when the baby emerges. Another great example of a real-life c-section experience.

3D Animation of Cesarean Birth3 mins: Non-graphic animation of a c-section


Educational Videos

Relaxation and dilation practice with visualizations! Great practice and exercise to do during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

Demonstration of cervical dilation vs. effacement – Ping pong ball and a balloon


Do you have a favorite birth video or even your own that you’d like me to add to this list? Comment below because I’d love to know!

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Birth Videos & Photography Collection - Links to positive birth stories

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