Best Maternity Swimsuit List 2018 – Beat the Summer Heat in Style

It’s swimsuit season! Whatever point your at in your pregnancy, this may or may not be the time of year you’re looking forward too. In early pregnancy, you can still get away with wearing your old swimsuits and hitting the pool in between morning sickness and nap time, but if you’re nearing the end you’ll definitely want to beat the summer heat by enjoying the pool and swimwear can be hard to find. Swimming during pregnancy is a great way to stay cool, stay in shape, relieve pressure on aching joints, and lessen lower back pain. Take advantage of the light, weightless feeling while you’re looking cute in one of these options! I’ve compiled this list of my favorite maternity swimsuit options to get you started this summer:


Your standard modest 2 piece tankini! This halter top style is made to accommodate your baby bump and is also going to cover up those growing milk makers so you don’t have to worry about the extra cleavage you’re not used to. (This might be the top only, so double-check that)

This one is a little pricier but it was too cute not to include! It does come with bottoms and has adjustable straps. Very cute Twist Top 2 piece Tankini.

Mermaid Maternity Women’s Maternity Boyshort Swim Bottom

You can wear your favorite top and still cover your pump with these maternity swim boy shorts. They also have options in a skirt style!

PregO Maternity Women’s Maternity Dot Roll Waist Bikini

Put it all out there and sport that bikini! You can probably just wear any old bikini (maybe in one size up to support those growing breasts) or check out this high waisted option. Way cute for showing off that bump! Here’s a little more expensive one but I couldn’t resist that cute Hawaiian floral pattern!

Classic black one piece speedo. This is ideal for someone who want to swim to stay fit during pregnancy or plans to do a lot of outdoor swimming and boating activities. You can’t go wrong with this one!

2018 summer maternity swim suit list!

If you’re looking for a cuter one-piece option, check out this one! It’s affordable and very on-trend right now! I’ve been seeing ones like this everywhere. The stripe down the side is slimming while still showing off your baby bump in a modest and cute way.

ZAN.STYLE Women’s Plus Size Spaghetti Strap Swimsuit Cover up Sarong Wrap Beach Dress

If you can’t find the perfect swimwear or don’t plan on actually swimming much, this cover-up might be a great option for you!  The crossover cover-ups are so cute over pregnant bellies and very versatile in sizing.

Oceanlily UV Protection Women’s Rash Guard Maternity Swimwear Cover Up Red Print

If you’re the super adventurous type or just looking for a good sun protection rash guard, this is it! You’ll get full coverage that will also fit a growing baby.


Don’t forget to stay extra hydrated while you’re out in the sun and avoid overheating and sunburn. Comment below and tell us your favorite style of maternity swimsuit to showcase those baby bumps! Happy Swimming!

~ All things for you and your new little life ~

Best Maternity Swimsuit List 2018 - Beat the Summer Heat in Style
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