Amazon is giving you FREE STUFF to make a baby registry!

When you’re expecting a new baby this list of needs, wants, and nice-to-haves is ever-growing. I always loved when other moms passed along offers for free stuff so that’s what I’m doing for you today! Amazon (who doesn’t love Amazon??) just emailed me saying they’ve got some current promotions to get you free stuff just for starting a baby registry! These are mostly affiliate links but I’m a huge personal fan of the Amazon baby registry so I wanted to pass this info along to my readers and help us both out! Here’s what they’ve currently got going on:

*I’ll continue to keep this updated for you best I can! 

**UPDATE*** Did you know you can add ANYTHING from ANY website to your Amazon BABY Registry?? Watch this video tutorial now to learn how!


Free Bobby Teething Scarf –

This offer is while supplies last– so jump on it! Is this a necessary item? Perhaps not, but I always like trying out near gear to see if it’s any good especially if it’s free! If you don’t like it, maybe use is as a gift to the next baby shower you go to.



Add items from Any Site

How cool is this? You can make a one-stop baby registry by adding things from other sites to your Amazon registry making it easy for others to shop for you.



Share it via email, text, or social media

This is an awesome feature. You can text your list to friends and family when they ask what you still need for baby. When something is purchased from the list, it automatically marks it off so you don’t get 45 boppy pillows and no diapers… Also feel free to shamelessly share it on facebook 🙂



More FREE stuff!!!



Discount on products that don’t get purchased

Did you know once it gets close to your due date, Amazon gives you a discount when you purchase any of the remaining things on your list. So stuff you were going to buy anyway, you get $$$ off. That to me is worth starting a registry right there!



Check out your fav celebrities registry for inspiration!



Amazon Just has TONS of stuff for babies, moms, and growing families.

Start your registry by clicking on one of these links above! You can see more of my favorite mom and baby gear in my posts Breastfeeding Accessories – What do you really need? or Book Recommendations for Pregnancy, Birth, Breastfeeding, and More! – With Links.

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