Inside My Doula Bag! Packing your hospital birth bag – Tips From A Doula

inside my doula bag

As a 9 month pregnant expecting mom I had no idea what I actually needed to pack in my hospital birth bag! We made it through the birth just fine, but since then in my work as a birth doula I’ve found some VERY helpful things that I now take to every client birth in my doula bag. The video tutorial below shows you exactly what I’m taking to help my clients through labor, and will also give you some good ideas of what to pack for your support person even if you haven’t hired a doula.

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Want a downloadable Hospital Bag Worksheet? I’ve got one for you! It even has links so you can purchase items and get all set up right from your couch!!!



Here’s a list of things seen in the video with (aff) links for you! There’s more description about why and how I use these items in the video above.

– Bag | 31 Utility Tote Zip Top – I got this from my local 31 retailer and I love it! I also use the same style bag for my purse/diaper bag.

Massage Ball Set – This is a fun set to have! You can do all kinds of massage techniques with these. I recommend trying some out in labor (tell your significant other I said you have to) and see which techniques you like best.

Emesis Bags – Sometimes labor makes you queasy. Grab some of these for the car ride or just to have next to you throughout your labor. You won’t regret it if you end up needing one!

Combs – These are used for acupressure points and distraction. A fun, easy tool to try.

Personal Fan – #1 favorite thing I’ve ever bought for my doula bag. I use this at every birth, most commonly during the transition phase.

Rebozos – I usually try to buy authentic handmade rebozos when I can, but I love and use Lohee rebozos often. If you want to know how to tie your labor wrap into a baby carrier, check out this video!

Honey Sticks – I CANNOT LOVE THESE ENOUGH. Seriously… you NEED these!

The Labor Progress Handbook – This book isn’t for every mom to be, it’s geared toward doulas, nurses, midwives, and other birth professionals. If you want to see more book I recommend for expecting mothers, check out this list!

Flameless Candles – I don’t take these to every birth, but you better believe I will be for my next personal birth! I love the ambiance they create in a birthing room.


Breast Pump Bag – Obviously not a need for everyone, but for all you pumping working moms out there I LOVE this bag! Also if you plan on going back to work post-baby, check this out. If you want to see why I choose a Spectra Pump this time around instead of Medela (and I’m glad I did) you can watch this review video. Medela vs. Spectra 1 Breast Pump Review & How to Order One FREE Through Tricare

~ All things for you and your new little life ~

Inside My Doula Bag! Packing your hospital birth bag - Tips From A Doula

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