Baby Shower Gift Ideas that Focus on the Mom-To-Be | Pregnancy & Postpartum

A baby shower is a great way to celebrate the new life that’s coming into the world! There are so many cute things to buy for the baby and it’s a great time to stock up on diapers and wipes that you KNOW are going to get used!

With so much focus on the cute little baby, it can feel extra special when a friend or loved one remembers the woman that’s soon to become a mother. She often forgets about herself too, so to have someone think of her and give HER a gift is an incredibly kind gesture.

But what do pregnant women need? What will they need for postpartum healing? Feel free to gift the favorite must-haves you loved, but if you’ve never had a baby or if it’s been a while here’s a great list with some generic, practical, and even some more personal ideas to get you started in remembering the mother.


Baby Shower Gift Ideas for the Mother-To-Be

Herbal sitz baths 

She can use these during pregnancy OR postpartum. A great way to relax and sooth a aching or healing body.

Nipple cream

You can get the classic Lanolin cream, or try something more natural like coconut oil or Mother Love nipple cream or Earth Mother Organic Nipple Butter.

Gift cards

So many options here!!

  • Nail or hair gift cards
  • Housekeeping services
  • Meal delivery
  • Food/restaurants
  • Diaper cleaning
  • Spa
  • Starbucks
  • Newborn or family photography session
  • Amazon gift card – (Make sure to tell her to buy something for HERself!)

Gift Certificate for a Birth Class or Hypnobabies Course

Give her money to use toward a local childbirth class, books you know she’d like, or maybe even a gift certificate to a hypnobabies course. I HIGHLY recommend the hypnobabies at home study course and you can purchase gift certificates in any amounts through their website. Even if she’s not planning a hypnobirth, there are some great resources for purchase through them and it’s a great gift to give.

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New Pajamas

Cute, cozy pajamas are NEVER a bad gift! To be extra thoughtful, get some that button in the front so they’re also breastfeeding friendly.

Face mask or at home spa items

Give her an excuse to treat herself at home with a little alone time! Maybe avoid any self pedicure items though as she probably can’t reach her feet anyway. Go for a pedicure gift card if you really want to spoil her with cute toes!

Cozy socks or comfy slippers

Especially the ones with non-slip bottoms! Great for the hospital stay or when you’re home with the baby and want to feel a little fancier with something on your feet.

Water bottle

NEVER underestimate the power of a cute water bottle! It’s so much more fun to drink water when you have that great bottle with a trendy pattern or uplifting saying. Check Etsy for customizable options!

Perineal cream or dermoplast spray

A more personal gift but if you’ve had a baby, you know this is great to have in the medicine cupboard when you need it! You can try a more organic spray like this Mother Love Organic Spray too!

Nice chocolate


Postpartum tea

There are many varieties of pregnancy, postpartum, and lactation tea so pick one that has great reviews or that you personally loved. If you’d be interested in making your own lactation/mothers milk tea, check out this tutorial with recipe!

Pre/postnatal massage 

A prenatal massage or visit to the chiropractor can go a long way for those aching joints and sore muscles the last few weeks or pregnancy. She will LOVE this!

Gift certificate to a postpartum doula

This is an amazing gift. A postpartum doula is a doula who helps the mother and family after the baby is born. She comes for a shift and can help with meals, light cleaning, baby and mother care, and the overall transition to life with a little one. ESPECIALLY if she’s already planning on utilizing a postpartum doula, some money towards that would be extremely helpful.

Nursing bras, tanks, or other breastfeeding friendly clothes

There are plenty of options for generic items like this, even if you don’t know her exact size. The items linked above should be easy to guess a general size, and if you mark “gift” when you check out with Amazon, it will allow her to return them if they don’t quite work. She’ll need these items anyways, but it’s always tempting to buy things the baby needs and put your own mom needs on the back burner.

Nursing breast pads

There are disposable or washable options for helping with that leaking milk! You can make your own disposable breast pads with this tutorial here, or buy them places like Amazon or Etsy.

Postpartum belly bind

Postpartum belly binding is a great way to provide support and help the mother heal. You can buy an excellent postpartum bind here from Bellefit, or consider a BengKung Belly Bind which is an ancient technique that’s more customizable and beautiful. It’s a little more expensive, but the tradition behind the practice and the comfort and beauty are well worth it. You can read more about The Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Benefits of BengKung Belly Binding and even Make Your Own BengKung Postpartum Belly Bind with this tutorial.

Postpartum Pads

Many women are recommending wearing Depends (yes, the adult diapers) for postpartum bleeding and healing. They provide additional support for the belly and abdomen and this is a great gift! Probably the only time you can get away with gifting adult diapers…

Also consider gifting cloth postpartum pads. Many women use tampons instead of pads, so when you’re on pelvic rest 6 weeks after baby it can come with lots of irritation from traditional disposable pads. Cloth is a great option and rapidly becoming more popular. If you’d like to try making some yourself, check out this Postpartum Cloth Pad Tutorial or visit Amazon or my personal favorite, Etsy for lots of pre-made options.

If you’re still not convinced this is a great gift, read 8 Reasons Cloth Pads are BETTER Than Disposables or PIN IT for later to read. 


Either for the last few months of pregnancy or geared toward the first month postpartum when she won’t feel like making anything would be great.

Essential oils and/or diffuser

Find your local doTERRA or Young Living disruptor and find some oils that work well for pregnancy, postpartum, and general health. Here’s a fantastic book on using essential oils for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.

You can also buy a sample pack from Amazon as linked above and also consider including a book on using essential oils for kids.

Labor supplies

Snacks like high energy protein bars, honey sticks, hard candies, and crystal light are great foods for quick energy in labor. You can also look though this list of Things I Take To EVERY Birth as a Birth Doula and see if you can come up with an awesome labor kit!


If you’re headed to a baby shower soon or just looking for a gift to give an expecting mother, please consider something for HER instead of/in addition to something for the baby. She’ll receive plenty of things for the new babe, but reminding her that her health and happiness are important too is a priceless gift. Happy moms make happy babies, so spoil her a little! She deserves it.

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