Animal vs Human Birth – What the animal kingdom does RIGHT!

YouTube is full of all kinds of birth videos! For my favorite list of birth videos, visit this link here.

If watching human births is not your thing or you’d like a different perspective, there is much to learn from the animal kingdom on how and where to give birth.


Trust your instinct.

This gorilla mom knows just what to do! Gorillas are very similar to humans in many many ways and this birth is very similar to a human birth (if a woman were to do it herself!)


It’s not a show.

Take note of where the birth audience is in this video. In the animal kingdom, mammals often seek a private place to give birth. It’s difficult to navigate the intensity of birth when you feel like you’re being watched.

Thankfully, this lion’s care providers had the wise sense to let her be alone in peace and trust her own instinct, even though she is no longer in the wild. This video gets a little intense when the new lion cub struggles to breath, watch how her care team handles the situation!


Poop is normal!

I love this sweet girafe mom for many reasons. This mom knows the importance of movement during intense labor contractions. She’s up on her feet and swaying back and forth, encouraging baby to come down. In her efforts to help push the baby out, you can see her muscles push as some poop exits as well! A great sign that she’s using the right muscles to push baby out.

Did you know giraffes drop 6 feet (2 meters) to the ground which breaks the amniotic sac and initiates the first breath?? Whew! Talk about an entrance into the world!


Sometimes you need a little help

This video is a compilation of many birth videos, but starting at 2:30 you can see a horse struggling to get the baby our. Another horse is nearby, providing encouragement I’m sure!

Her care provider does assist her just a little, but as soon as she’s through the toughest part the assistant backs away letting the mother finish the job. What if human care providers did this as well?


Find your village

We’ve all heard the saying in reference to raising a child, “It takes a village” and in this video, you can see this elephant herd gather round this birthing mother helping and assisting. They take the new baby down to the watering hole (hopefully to let the mom rest) and even help chase off a dangerous pack of lions! Talk about a strong community..


Choose your location wisely

This lion mom chose to hide behind a rock in a safe place before her body would let the birth continue. Where you choose to give birth may make the most difference on your outcome. Choose a place where you feel comfortable, safe, and with familiar surroundings (even if it’s just your favorite pillow!).


Partners – Sometimes just being there is enough

I love the looks on “dads” face while he watches this monkey give birth! A few soft touches to her is all he offers but she seems to be comforted by it. It looks like she’s already given birth and is nursing her newborn while the placenta tries to work it’s way out. Sometimes it does take a while with humans too.

Notice how often she changes positions too. If a particular position isn’t working for you, change it up! Such good advice from the animal kingfom here!



The beautiful and fluid movements of this dolphin who just how important it is to move during childbirth. Watch the way she helps move the baby down and out. Using swaying or rocking is an excellent way for human babies to come out as well.

There are so many lessons here from the animal kingdom on how and where to give birth.


And… can we just take a moment to be jealous that seahorse babies are carried and birthed by the males. Or perhaps we should be thankful that humans don’t have 2000 babies at a time!

If you want to see what it looks like when humans give birth, my favorite videos are in this post – 30 positive birth videos. You can see births of every kind, unmedicated, with epidural, waterbirth, hypnobirth, c-section birth, and more.

Share YOUR favorite birth video below, in any species! Happy birthing!

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