Birth Playlist Samples – Create an environment you want with music in labor

Music during labor and birth makes a huge impact on the overall tone of your birthing day, but how do you know what songs you’ll want on your birth playlist when the big day comes?

Here’s where you start.

Find songs that are associated with happy memories for you. Don’t put a song on your list just because it “should be” or you think it’ll feel different in the moment. Do you and your partner have a song? Music that reminds you of an especially good time in your life? Brings you closer to a loved one on earth or passed on? Only happy, positive vibes on birthing day!

As a birth doula, I keep running playlists on Spotify just in case they’re ever needed in a pinch! Those are linked below as well as some great ideas for creating your own! It’s a good idea to have a couple different options because you never know quite what you’ll be wanting in the moment.

FUN TIP: Come up with some funny or creative names for your playlists if you want! Nothing lightens the mood like asking the nurse to put on your “Path to no more heartburn” or “Get this baby out” playlist.


Calming Birth Playlist

This is a go-to list for a calm, peaceful mood. Meditation/spa music isn’t for everyone, so this is a great list of slow peaceful songs you’ll recognize with lyrics and a nice flow.

You’ll want to create a list and test it out before the big day. Make sure there aren’t any songs on here that drive you crazy, because that will likely be amplified during labor!

I add to this list regularly, so follow it to keep updated!


Upbeat Birth Playlist

Have you seen those YouTube videos of women dancing through their labors? Movement is a GREAT way to give your baby extra space for moving down to meet you! Create an upbeat birth playlist with all your favorite dance tunes on it. What gets you moving during a workout? What do you have on when you’re cleaning the house? What’s your jam?

You can even go with some hilarious birth time “classics” like “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa, “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, or even “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga.

Whatever your favorite tunes are, make a list in case you feel like bringing up the volume, lightening a heavy mood, or speeding up labor with some movement!


Soothing/Meditative Birth Playlist

Sometimes, you may not want to listen to anything with words as your mental energy is focused all on birthing your baby. Find some meditation songs that are soothing to you and easy to listen to.

If you don’t like flutes, ringing bells grate on your nerves, or you have other specific preferences, don’t wait for labor to discover them. Use building a playlist as an excuse for a long bath or meditation time with your baby to try it out and make adjustments as needed.


If you aren’t sure if music during labor is for you, you could also consider looking into something like hypnobabies. Hypnobirth is an amazing way to birth your baby that includes deep focus and guided meditation through pregnancy, labor, and birth.

You can learn hypnobirthing techniques in a class near you or in the comfort of your own home. For more information about the Online Hypnobabies Course, check it out here. You can also read more information on Hypnobirthing and even watch a few hypnobirths! 


Build your playlist and let me know your Music During Labor Must Haves in the comments below! I’d love to add them to my list! Happy birthing!

~ All things for you and your new little life ~

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