How to order a FREE Breast Pump through your Insurance!

Breast pumps are a major expense on your list of new baby must haves, but now many insurances are required to cover a free breast pump for you!

It can be daunting to even know where to start with the process, so here’s a step by step instruction guide. First, we’ll start with regular insurance providers, and TRICARE specific instructions will be listed at the end of the post.


You can start this process anytime during pregnancy. Most insurance companies will fill your prescription for a breast pump after 27 weeks. It’s helpful to have your pump before you deliver, but some insurances will have you wait until baby is here. Get a prescription and start the process as soon as you can, preferably around 27 weeks but ask anytime within the 1st year post partum too.


Ordering a FREE Breast Pump through your insurance

1. Contact your insurance company

First, you need to get online or call your insurance company and see if they cover a breast pump.

For example, I just googled Blue Cross MA free breast pump and it took me to the site where it explains everything you need and how to order a free breast pump in Massachusetts. Easy!

In some cases, it may be easiest to call your insurance company, so here is a list of some questions you can ask to clarify what your options are:

  • ­What kind of pump can I get?
  • ­Are there certain brands and models I have to purchase?
  • ­Can I purchase my own (out-of-network) pump and then be reimbursed? Is there a $$ limit?
  • ­When can I get my breast pump?
  • ­Can I work with a breast pump supplier? Which are covered under my insurance?

2.  Get a prescription

You’ll need a prescription from your doctor to send in when you order your breast pump for your insurance to cover it.

Here’s an example of a breast pump prescription you can take in if your health care provider is unfamiliar with the process. They can write it on their own Rx pad, it just needs to have all the information listed here.

The diagnosis code your doctor may need is:

V24.1 – Breastfeeding/Lactating Mother 

That code may be helpful to take in with you to make it extra easy on them! Insurance companies should cover a breast pump no problem with this diagnosis code on the prescription.

3. Choose a supplier

You may be able to work with a supplier who will give you the pump first, then submit it through your insurance for payment. This is a convenient option

Here are a few popular breast pump suppliers you can look into. They may carry different breast pumps and models so take a look at each supplier and try to get the pump you want!

Aeroflow – Available pumps: Ameda, Elvie, Medela, Spectra, Motif, Lansinoh, Evenflo. This is my personal favorite, here’s a video tutorial for you too!

­Lucina Care  – They have pumps by Hygeia, Lansinoh, Melodi, Nuk, Phillips Avent, and Rumble Tuff.

­Edgepark – Available brands: Medela, Spectra, Freemie, Ameda, Evenflo, Lansinoh, and Tomy.

­Byram Healthcare – Carries Medela, Ameda, Spectra, Freemie, Evenflo, Lansinoh

The Breastfeeding Shop or Baby Pavilion are also great, especially if you have Tricare

Here’s how to order a breast pump through Baby Pavillion.


4. Choose a pump

It can be overwhelming choosing a model of breast pump. Medela is a popular option for insurances to allow.

If Spectra is an option, it will be worth considering since it has many upgraded features compared to the Medela.

Many other brands are available as well, but the biggest factor in which pump you can get is what brands will your insurance cover.


If you’re looking for information on which pump to get, watch this video on the 2 most popular breast pumps, Meleda and Spectra. Both of these options are often available through your insurance company.

Medela vs. Spectra Comparison


If you’ve found other tips and tricks for ordering a free breast pump through your insurance, comment below! I’d love to help by answering questions and getting you set up for successful breastfeeding.

Don’t forget to check out the post on storing and scalding breast milk before freezing. A MUST READ for any pumping mom that plans on storing milk!

Did you know?

New Little Life also offers an Online Breastfeeding Course designed to do at home to fully prepare you for breastfeeding. Find more information about what’s included as well as some course previews here!

EXTRA TIP: While you’re checking around for information on breast pumps through your insurance company, ask if they also cover any visits with a lactation counselor because many do! You’ll be grateful you already have this information if you run into any breastfeeding issues or if you just want to go in for an observed feeding and peace of mind.

A trip to a lactation professional can be invaluable during the first months of breastfeeding!


Ordering a FREE Breast Pump through TRICARE

Get a Free Tricare Breast pump

1. Get a prescription from your doctor.

You can do this anytime during pregnancy, commonly done during the 2nd or 3rd trimester. If your health care provider doesn’t know how to do this, you can print this form and take it in for them to fill out.

2. Find a website or local store to order your pump!

You may have limited options if you go to a local store, but if they carry the pump you want great! (watch this facebook live  or this shorter YouTube Video where I compare Medela and Spectra breast pumps) I ordered mine through TheBreastfeedingShop online and was VERY happy with the service. I took a picture of the prescription on my phone and uploaded it right there! Super easy.

Another good option is Baby Pavilion and I’ve had many military moms with great success with them as well.

3. Make sure it fits and adjust as needed

If you know what size of flange you need, make sure to note that in the comments when you order. If you don’t, they’ll send you a medium size and you can try it out. Contact the company you ordered from and they’ll send you a different size if it doesn’t fit!

4. Reorder parts every 4-6 weeks.

Put in a refill request (no new Rx needed) for things like bottles, pump parts and tubing, flanges, and freezer bags. Take advantage of this when you need more supplies because it’s covered by insurance!

Here’s an example from The Breastfeeding Shop of the reorder form and process. Feel free to put any extra things you need in the comment section when your order because are EXTREMELY helpful and generous when sending supplies. They can’t just send you extra stuff on their own, but if you ask they’ll send you almost anything in any quantity.

Here’s a video walkthrough of the whole process for Tricare families!


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