Hypnobirthing – Why would someone choose self-hypnosis for childbirth?

When you first hear about a woman claiming to have a “pain-free” birth, it often brings a little eye roll and a chuckle. Haha, really lady? Childbirth is supposed to be painful, full of angry threats toward the partner that did this to you, rings of fire while the baby’s head emerges, and sweaty screams to “make it stop!!”. The media portrays birth as a painful and difficult event you have to endure to get a baby. Even friends, family, and random strangers will tell you their horror stories of birth and the difficulties that await you.

But guess what, childbirth does not HAVE to be this way! 

What if you found a way to have a calm, peaceful, intense, joyful, beautiful, and empowering birth by bringing your baby into the world using techniques you learned and practiced at home right in your own bed? You can have that experience with a technique called hypnobirthing!

When you think of hypnosis, the first thing that comes to your mind is likely a man at a stage show making people do ridiculous and embarrassing things they would never do in real life. Hypnobirth is 100% NOT that! No one is there doing this to you and you will be aware enough to answer questions, move around, make decisions, and fully relax all totally in control of yourself and at your own will.


I am a hypno-doula and a huge professional and personal fan of the Hypnobabies program! I’m also an affiliate of Hypnobabies because I believe in Hypnotic Childbirth and the comfort and strength it brings to mothers in their birthing time.

Sound crazy? Guess what, you’ve probably already experienced self hypnosis before! Have you ever been driving a car and found yourself zoning out on autopilot and loosing track of time? You were still in control and able to think, but in a hypnotic state. It also happens when your watching TV or bored and daydreaming. All you need now is to learn how to harness that state on command and use the focused concentration to relax and lessen or eliminate pain. There’s more information on the Hypnobabies Website so browse around!

Let’s get started with some of the most common questions and concerns about Hypnobirth, the Hypnobabies program, and how it’s used for childbirth.



How is self-hypnosis different than being hypnotized by someone? Will I remember what happens?

This kind of hypnosis is not done to you, but a learned skill where you relax your mind and body together. You are always in control and able to accept or reject any suggestions given to you. Anyone can learn to use self-hypnosis and it can be a powerful tool not only for childbirth but can carry over into many aspects of your life. While listening to guiding tracks, you learn how to find this state of relaxation and eventually learn to create what’s called “Hypno-anesthesia”. You use your mind as a tool to relax your body and change your perceptions of pain.

During your birthing time, you can continue to listen to audio tracks that you practiced to or you can use your learned techniques on your own. Most women I observed choose to listen to the tracks to help them remain focused during the intensities of the birthing time.

Check out this video where a real-life mom talks about her experience with hypnobirth and 6 tips for you! 


Will I have to lay completely still to use it during labor?

Absolutely not! Hypnobabies Home Study Course teaches a technique called “eyes-open hypnosis” where once you’re comfortable with how to get yourself to that state of total relaxation quickly, you can flip a mental switch and move into an active state. You will still be in hypnosis but will be able to move, talk, and do whatever else you need to do. No one would expect a laboring mother to lie still, especially when navigating an unmedicated birth!

Watch Mariah’s Painless Hospital Birth Here!


Do I have to buy the whole course or can I borrow it from a friend?

In short, Yes, you need to buy the course and it’s totally worth it.

I’ve heard of people borrowing or sharing files from a friend but first of all that’s illegal. Second, you really aren’t going to get the full benefits and it’s just not worth it. There’s a system that’s meant to be followed with an order to tracks, curriculum, and plan so it’s best to purchase the course yourself and make sure you know you’ve got everything you need to get started. Not only are you getting audio tracks to listen to, but you receive access to an online course so you can learn how to use self-hypnosis along with other downloadable materials. You also get bonus tracks and coupon codes for additional tools so don’t miss out on those freebies.

If cost is an issue for you, take a moment to think about what is really important to you in your upcoming birth. If you want a non-medicated birth and are looking for a way to help you get there, you should seriously consider the small cost of this program vs. the long term payout satisfaction. If you purchase the course yourself, you will be more likely to follow the correct schedule with the appropriate content and be able to use the FULL benefits hypnobabies has to offer.

***Also, ask your insurance company for reimbursement! Hypnobabies has information on their website with diagnosis codes and billing information so see if that’s an option.***

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Do I have to use this during my whole birth? What if it doesn’t work?

You can pick and choose when you want to use this although many who learn self-hypnosis choose to start it during early labor and continue through the whole birthing time. Since you’re in total control of your own mental state you can choose to use this just during early labor, a few techniques when things get intense, saving your favorite tracks on the drive to the hospital or birthplace, or whatever you want! Some women use it for only part of their labors and still enjoy the benefits of this incredible and natural tool.


Do I have to believe it will work before I start? 

Blind faith is a lot to ask of anyone, but the great thing about this hypnobabies program is you can start learning it even if you’re a skeptic. This technique isn’t for everyone, but anyone that is willing to be opening minded to something new can be successful. Many tracks ask you to just lie there and bring your focus inward while you relax which anyone can do! It starts off small and works you toward mastery of self-hypnosis and you’ll be surprised how easily it comes to you by the end of the course if you put the time into practice.


Do women ACTUALLY have pain-free births?

Some do, yes! It’s achievable! Many have wonderful success with hypnobirthing even if they do describe some discomfort. Included in the Hypnobabies curriculum is a change in how you speak about birth and the words you use. Words are SO POWERFUL in our minds, thoughts, and subconscious and you will learn words that trigger specific emotions and feelings in yourself and find a new way of thinking about childbirth. Many women do report a pain-free birth because they just aren’t experiencing the same “pain” that we associate with the experience. Almost all of them would tell you childbirth is intense at times and maybe use other words to describe pain and contractions such as discomfort or pressure waves. These words are naturally softer and lead to more positive thinking and more peaceful memories of childbirth.

Watch a Beautiful Hypno Home Birth in Water Here!


Is hypnobirthing only for home births?

Absolutely not! You can use self-hypnosis anytime, anywhere. Some women who learn these techniques even use them in day to day practice for relaxation or to calm other physical symptoms of pain. If you plan to use Hypnobabies for your hospital birth, make sure your healthcare provider is aware, understanding the basics of what you’ll be doing, and is supportive in wanting to help you achieve your goals.

You may also consider hiring a doula who has training in childbirth hypnosis. While she won’t be there “hypnotizing you”, there is different terminology that comes with the hypnobabies technique, cue words to help you find deeper relaxation, and the whole labor process looks different to the observer. Having someone familiar with this process can be a huge asset to your birth team.

Along those same lines, you’ll also want to share with your partner what words to avoid, how to help you through the process, and what to expect. Even have them practice these techniques with you so they understand your goals!

Find a hypno-doula here.

Watch Hope’s Hypnobabies Hospital Birth Here! 


What is included in the Home-Study Course?

You will receive online access to your course for 6 months as well as audio tracks and downloads. The actual course is a 6-week program but you may extend it over a longer period if you’d like. The downloadable materials in the online Hypnobabies course include all 19 Hypnobabies course audio tracks and 122 pages of printable materials. After purchase, you’ll also receive some bonus tracks and continued coupons for additional materials if you want them!

*Course contents may change slightly so read through the product description before buying*


When should I start Hypnobabies?

You can start learning these techniques anytime, but usually, the 2nd trimester around 20 weeks is a great time to start. You’ll want to have these skills in place and ready to practice for several months so get started early. I wouldn’t start later than about 34 weeks because it is a 6 weeks course! But it’s never too late to enjoy some benefits of the program, even if you do end up starting it late in your 3rd trimester.


Where can I buy this and how can I learn more!

You can do an in-person class from a certified instructor or if there’s nothing offered in your area, consider the online home study course. You can browse around on the Hypnobabies website to read more information about this technique for pain relief during labor, find studies and articles, read success stories, and so much more.


If anything in this post resonated with you, please look further into the Hypnobabies Self-Study Course on their website. If you’d rather PIN the course information for later you can do that too. It really is a great resource to use if you’re planning a non-medicated birth and an excellent skill to learn. You can also contact me or comment below with any questions! I love to hear from my readers and help in any way I can. Good luck on your upcoming hypnobirth!

~ All things for you and your new little life ~

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