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I love sharing my advice as a nurse AND a birth doula. Respect and combine the best of both worlds to help find what YOU want.

- Allison

Inside My Doula Bag! Packing your hospital birth bag – Tips From A Doula

As a 9 month pregnant expecting mom I had no idea what I actually needed to pack in my hospital birth bag! We made it through the birth just fine, but since then in my work as a birth doula I’ve found some VERY helpful things that I now take to every client birth in…

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5 Tips for the Birth Partner – Advise from a Doula for Dads and Partners

It can feel like a lot of pressure to be the main support person for a birthing woman, especially if you don’t know much about childbirth. As a pregnant first time mom, I did mounds of research and digging to find all the information I could about labor, birth, and newborn care. My spouse however,…

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Book Recommendations for Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding! -WITH LINKS

There are so many books on pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding out there it can seem overwhelming. Here I’ve compiled a list of great books on these topics! I’m an Amazon lover so I’ve also included (affiliate) links for you to find these easily! Most of these I’ve read, others are recommendations from clients or…

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Preparing Your Child to Attend Birth – Books, Videos, and Links!

Adding new little life into your family is exciting, especially when you want to share it with your little ones too! Having the whole family present to welcome a new addition creates an atmosphere where birth is a normal, natural process. There is no shame or secrets, just love and family. But just like you…

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On-Call Childcare for Siblings During Your Birth – Can a Doula help?

Your new little life is almost here! The day you’ve waited so long for! But if this isn’t your first time, you’ll likely be starting to wonder what to do with your other children when the birthing time comes. Sometimes you have family or a trusted friend close by to help out, but there are…

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Birth Doula, Boring Birth, What does a doula do?

A Letter to an OB from a Birth Doula. Birth is never boring.

Her health care provider walked in to check on her and said something to me that left me thinking. She said to me (the doula), “Oh I’m so sorry, this is the worst kind of birth for a doula, you’re probably bored.”

Dear Health Care Provider……

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Birth is Never Boring for a Doula – “Plan change, I ended up with an epidural!”

I sat with a woman who was about to become a mother with medications, instruments, and monitors in every place imaginable. Her beautiful, natural-minded birth plan had gone out the window hours ago when severe preeclampsia prompted an immediate induction. Her health was in danger but she was being managed very well by her nurses…

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Tips, Links, and Help Writing a Birth Plan

Writing a birth plan can seem daunting! Is it necessary? Where do I start? Help????
Here are some tips and suggestions from a nurse, doula, and birth enthusiast. You’ll find lots of information, links, and reading material to help you get started finding the best path for you. You CAN do this!!

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Write And Following A Birth Plan – A how-to guide with samples!

A birth plan is a way for you to communicate your desires and wishes to those involved in your birth experience. It details what you’d like to have happen, what you’d like to avoid, and anything else you’d like others to know. While having a birth plan isn’t a necessity, there are many benefits to putting…

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The Perfect Birth

The idea of a perfect birth seems too good to be true. What does a “perfect birth” look like? The better questions is, what does a perfect birth look like to you. There are a few things that can help you toward having a positive birth experience!

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How To Have A Perfect Birth – Advise from a Doula

The idea of a perfect birth seems too good to be true. What does a “perfect birth” look like? The better question is, what does a perfect birth look like to you. We all have preconceived notions of what birth is like from TV, media, birth stories we’ve heard, and our own thoughts and fears. There…

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