BIGGEST Questions about Milk Supply

biggest questions about milk supply

Biggest questions about milk supply?? It’s just a lot! If you’re questioning your milk supply, know that you’re not alone! Many breastfeeding mothers have big questions about milk supply. Your milk supply will look different depending on your health history, how you choose to feed your baby and how you manage your supply. So, in…

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3 Easy Ways to Pump More Milk!

3 easy ways to pump more milk

3 easy ways to pump more milk? It doesn’t have to be complicated. This post will be short and sweet because making more milk can really be that simple! Read on for tips and tricks from New Little Life founder and IBCLC, Allison. (This post was originally a video. Check it out, here!) 3 easy…

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Learn to Pump from YouTube??

learn to pump from youtube

Learn to pump from YouTube? You can learn a lot from YouTube University just watching videos online. New Little Life founder, Allison, did this recently when she and her husband remodeled their kitchen. They consulted the experts of YouTube quite a bit and realized something. Some of these YouTubers were actually experts and some of…

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Stop Guilt Trips for Working Moms

stop guilt trips for working moms

Stop guilt trips for working moms! If you’re a mom returning to work after a baby, chances are that you’re feeling lots of guilt. This blog post will cover the most common guilt trips working moms experience and how to reframe your mindset and feel more confident in what you’re doing. (This blog post was…

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Pump Act Passes! December 23, 2022


The Pump Act, also known as the Providing Urgent Maternal Protections for Nursing Mothers Act, is a bill that just passed by Congress. This bill expands on other legislation and adds more protections for pumping mothers. Organizations must provide breastfeeding parents enough time to pump and a private place (other than the bathroom) to pump…

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Reasons for Low Milk Supply

reasons for low milk supply

Reasons for low milk supply can be many. Low milk supply can be caused by a bad latch, a sleepy baby, underlying health conditions for mom or baby, lack of consistency in pumping. Even supplements claiming to help milk supply can actually hurt it. That’s a lot of different things! How do you determine what’s…

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Low Milk Supply or Low Pumping Output

Low milk supply or low pumping output? What’s the difference? If you’re struggling with either of these issues, New Little Life can help! This blog post will define what low milk supply or low pumping output is, and what you can do about it. The focus of this post is for moms who are combining…

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5 Tips for Pumping Moms

5 tips for pumping moms

5 tips for pumping moms is a catchy title, right? Well, we really do have 5 tips for pumping moms to offer in this blog post, but it is important to realize that this won’t tell you everything you need to know.  That’s why New Little Life developed an entire program! The Pumping for Working…

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Updated Motif Luna: Improvement or Downgrade?

updated motif luna

The updated Motif Luna pump has some improvements, but also some downsides. If you’re ordering this pump from now on, you’re going to be getting the new one. The new Motif Luna pump has been sent out since *about* September of 2022, and is NOT the same pump that we have previously known. This blog…

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