Discover Willow Breast Pumps

The Willow Breast Pump has been a game changer in the pumping world. There are so many traditional pumps on the market, but the Willow Breast Pump is really quite different from them all.

The 3 biggest complaints I hear from pumping moms are:

  • 1 "I have too much to do, sitting down to pump takes so much time." 
  • 2 "I have nowhere to pump privately and finding an outlet is difficult." 
  • 3 "My pump is so big and bulky, it’s difficult to carry around." 

The Willow Breastpump is the ideal solution for these common complaints. Here's what makes it different:

  • 1 It’s COMPLETELY hands free! You’re not tied to the wall outlet, there is NO tubing to deal with, and it’s contained all in one.  
  • 2 More discreet than traditional pumps. You can wear it while driving, working, shopping, or even sleeping.
  • 3 Pump in ANY position. That’s right, laying down, doing yoga, you name it. No more spilled milk
  • 4 It's compact. You can fit the two hubs right in your purse, diaper bag, or suitcase no problem. 
  • 5 It's smart. It connects to an app on your phone to tell you when it’s full, track ounces pumped, and tell you other helpful information like battery life. 

If you’re looking for the next step up in a breast pump, visit the Willow website to learn more about it!

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