Meet the New Little Life Team!

New Little Life LLC is a company founded by Allison Tolman in 2015. Our company is dedicated to providing both educational and practical support for lactating mothers, more specifically, those who are using a breast pump as part of their infant feeding experience. We serve mothers directly, provide free content online, and train professionals on pumping fast and efficiently to help meet breastfeeding goals.

Lactation Consultant/Breast Pump Expert


Allison Tolman, LPN, IBCLC, ICCE is the owner and founder of New Little Life LLC. She has worked as a nurse, birth doula, childbirth educator, and lactation consultant in various roles since 2009. She has a passion for continued learning and a skill for combining science with practicality.

She is also a mother of 3 boys and her husband is active duty in the US Army. Originally from Idaho, her family currently lives in Virginia, but has also spent time in Belgium (french speaking) and various areas of the US! She loves working with a diverse range of families across cultures.


If you'd like to get lactation and pumping support from Allison, you can do that inside the Pumping for Working Moms Program!

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IBCLC & Director of Member Experience/Operations

Andrea Ramirez

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Hi there! My name is Andrea Ramirez and I am so excited to be a part of the New Little Life community and provide support as an IBCLC & pumping expert. I am a parent of 3 silly and wonderful children who are 18, 15, and 11, and have personally spent 2 years as a pumping parent in the workplace.

With 8 years of experience in the caregiving field and 5 years as a Lactation Consultant, I have dedicated my career to helping parents navigate the challenges of parenthood, especially when it comes to breastfeeding and returning to work. I have 5 years of experience in the health tech space, where I've had the pleasure of supporting parents and caregivers with a warm, empathetic, and evidence-based approach. I absolutely love finding solutions to problems and working with parents to develop a plan that fits their unique situations.

I am thrilled to be a part of the team and I'm eager to connect with each and every member of the New Little Life community!

Enrollment Coach

Courtney Marquez

courtney marquez
Courtney Marquez is a devoted mother of three and a loving wife. Courtney discovered her passion for breastfeeding during her initial nursing journey, which unexpectedly lasted 2 years! Recognizing the various challenges and milestones that come with breastfeeding and pumping, she decided to obtain a lactation certification and began offering support to breastfeeding and pumping moms through her Instagram account.
With nearly 10 years of personal breastfeeding and pumping experience, she brings a wealth of practical knowledge and empathy to her role.
Courtney's natural teaching abilities and her genuine desire to connect with others have led her to actively support and continually learn from other mothers.  Her satisfaction lies in assisting mothers in their journey, guiding them from one point to another, and witnessing their growth and newfound self-assurance.
Courtney is excited to join the New Little Life team, an organization that shares her unwavering commitment to empowering mothers during this transformative phase of their lives.


If you'd like to know about the Pumping for Working Moms Program, you can schedule a call with Courtney here!

Affiliate Manager, Blog Writer, Virtual Assistant

Emma Tolman

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Hi! I’m Emma. I’m a mom of two, fueled by Dr. Pepper and a mega sweet tooth. My interests are all over the place, which is why I love being an executive assistant for New Little Life! I get to write, create, analyze and try tons of different things in this corner of the internet. When I’m not chasing my crazy kids, or working with Allison, I love exploring my city of Boston, doing DIY projects, and rewatching Gilmore Girls.


If you are a company inquiring about an affiliate partnership, collaboration or blog inquiry, you can email Emma directly |

Video Editor

Denise Wappel


Denise, with Red Raspberry Design, has been editing videos for New Little Life since 2020. Her impressively diverse background and digital skills have been a true asset to our team.