Allison Tolman is the founder and owner of New Little Life LLC. She owns and operates the Pumping for Working Moms Program as well as the YouTube channel, blog, and Facebook group associated with New Little Life.

She receives income from a variety of sources including the YouTube Adsense program, affiliate partnerships with companies listed below, products sold on Etsy, and enrollments in her signature program. Occasional reimbursement for time and travel does occur for speaking engagements. Allison does not work directly for, nor have any formal agreements of exclusivity with any breast pump manufacturer or related companies. Occasional consulting or group panel discussions do occur but with no intent other than to provide feedback to companies.

New Little Life LLC affiliate partnerships are managed internally by an Affiliate Manager, leaving Allison free to choose content topics and discuss features freely and without bias. Applications to all relevant affiliate partnerships from reputable companies are applied for without exclusivity. Coupon codes are often generated for users and provide tracking for sales and commission payouts.

Statement of Personal Ethics

Allison Tolman, LPN, IBCLC, ICCE

I pledge my support of the World Health Organization's International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. I accept no money or gifts knowingly from sources whose goals conflict with direct breastfeeding and/or are not meeting their obligations under the International Code.

I recognize direct breastfeeding as the optimal and biologically normal infant feeding method. I recommend the use of breastfeeding equipment to solve problems for the shortest time possible or in the case of unavoidable mother-infant separation. My intent is always to protect and nurture the breastfeeding relationship, restore and enhance direct breastfeeding, and assist the mother in fulfilling her breastfeeding goals. My views on breastfeeding will not interfere with a mother's preferred feeding method whether by her choice or necessity. I strive to present information on breast pumps and other equipment using science and research, without personal bias. My intent is not to market breast pumps. My goal and intent is to provide factual and scientific education on their use, safety, and support of the mother-baby breastfeeding relationship.

I use language and terms that are supported by WHO, UNICEF, and published global peer-reviewed research on birth and breastfeeding.

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