Even if you only add a few of these techniques to your tool bag for pregnancy and birth, it’s worth it. You’ll change your way of thinking and find more joy in the journey.

- Allison

What are Birth Affirmations? – Everything you need to know about affirmations during childbirth

Birth affirmations are a popular trend with birthing women and to some, these positive words of encouragement are what makes a big difference in their mental state during labor and childbirth. Women that use Hypnobabies during childbirth know the power and importance of the words we choose to let in our minds and out our…

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Audible Books on Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding

Do you find yourself wanting to read all the pregnancy books but just can’t find the time to sit down and get it done? Or perhaps you don’t enjoy reading? Don’t worry! There are SO MANY options for the pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding classics available for you on Audible by Amazon. Audible works like a monthly…

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Birth Videos & Photography Collection – Links to positive birth stories

Have you found yourself wanting to check out some amazing birth photography or watch videos of real women giving birth? Most expecting moms can’t get enough! The only trouble is, you never quite know what you’re getting when you click on that YouTube video… Well here’s a list of amazing birth videos and photography for…

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Birth Affirmations (nature theme) – Words of encouragement for the birthing time

Download Birth Affirmations – Nature Theme Words are a powerful tool and can be used to create positive or negative emotions, thoughts, feelings, and physical reactions. Words or mantas can be spoken, thought, or read and some women choose to use the power of words to help relax and cope with the intensities of labor.…

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