Cloth Diapers

As a “lazy cloth diaper mom” I’m always looking for the easiest (and cheapest) way to make cloth diapers work for us. If that’s you too.. You’re in the right spot!

- Allison

How to make your own Fleece Liners from a Walmart Blanket

As a “lazy cloth diaper mom”, I’m not about to be sticking my hand in the toilet or dealing with poop everywhere. I love the benefits of cloth diapers especially the eco-friendly factor and the cost savings, so I’ve had to find ways to do it effectually without grossing me (or my husband) out! One…

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How to Use Cloth Wipes – Picking the best option for you

If you’re already cloth diapering, using cloth wipes is a logical next step. It may seem like just another thing to worry about in the cloth diapering world, but in fact, for us using cloth wipes when cloth diapering is actually EASIER than using disposable wipes. You don’t have to separate the poopy wipes to…

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Serging Cloth Wipes – Time Lapse Video Tutorial

This is a fun time-lapse video showing you how to serge cloth wipes! Since we’re using cloth diapers anyway, using cloth wipes too almost makes it easier! Now I don’t have a pile of disposable wipes sitting on the changing table to go throw away. They just go right in the wet bag along with…

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Newborn Cloth Diaper Cover Tutorial

Tutorial with pictures for a newborn sized waterproof cover for cloth diapering. Mixture of patterns from a easy going seamstress! Save money and make cloth diapers yourself!

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PUL Cloth Diaper Cover Tutorial – Velcro (Aplix) Closure

I’m excited to cloth diaper my second boy after my wallet continually wept every time I bought diapers for my first son. After doing countless hours of research and pricing out options, I’ve decided to make my own! I have sewn quite a bit but these really aren’t as hard as they seem! I’ll walk…

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