Breastfeeding seems so natural, but it doesn’t always come naturally. It was difficult for me and led me to train and study to help others. I’m here to help you meet your goals! Whatever they may be.

- Allison

Top 3 Breast Pumps for Stay At Home Moms (SAHM)

There are SO many breast pumps to choose from it can seem very overwhelming for most expecting and breastfeeding mothers. As an IBCLC, nurse, doula, and mom of 3, I love helping other moms choose the best breast pump for them. In fact, I have a whole Facebook group just dedicated to that. I’d love…

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spectra synergy gold vs s1

NEW Spectra Synergy Gold VS Spectra 1 & 2

Spectra breast pumps have been a long time favorite of many moms. I’ve personally used and recommended the Spectra 1 and Spectra 2 over and over again because they are just fantastic breast pumps. If you want a solid pump you know will work great for you? Spectra is my go-to brand. Spectra just put…

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Can you REALLY pump in ANY position with the Willow Breast Pump?

Can you really pump in ANY position with the Willow breast pump? This is the big question! Wearable breast pumps like the Willow and Elvie are becoming very popular, and while there are many pros and cons to both of these pumps, the one BIG pro to the Willow pump is the completely closed system.…

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Willow breast pump

7 Reasons You Should Try a Willow Breast Pump

Wearable breast pumps like the Willow are super popular right now with new and expecting moms, and for good reason! The world of breast pumps is really changing and now with most insurances covering some or all the cost of a breast pump, there are so many options to choose from! In this post, we’re…

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9 Things That DON’T MEAN Low Milk Supply

Do I have enough milk? is the question that so many breastfeeding moms ask! And if you think you have a low milk supply, it can be really worrisome. There are a few things that might make you think you have low milk supply, but are likely something else. Let’s talk about the 9 most…

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Do Lactation Cookies ACTUALLY increase breastmilk supply?

I remember the first time I made lactation cookies and gave one to my husband to try. He loved them and asked if it was a new recipe. When I told them they were lactation cookies he screamed, “What?? Am I going to start lactating now???” Haha poor guy! Scared him half to death. But…

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Breastfeeding Gift Basket Ideas!

My FAVORITE gift to see at a baby shower is a breastfeeding gift basket! Having a few of the basics can really help a new mother feel supported and ready to start off on the right foot. Now, technically, all you need is a baby and a lactating breast to be able to breastfeeding, but…

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Bonding without Feeding – Including your partner while breastfeeding

It’s not uncommon for dads to feel left out in the bonding department when a mother is breastfeeding. All the images of “good dads” we often see involve the partner giving a bottle to give the mother a break! First, ASK YOUR PARTNER how she feels about this. Every woman is different, but most women…

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When is it safe to give your breastfed baby a pacifier?

That really is the million-dollar question, isn’t it! While finishing up a course on Research in Maternal-Child Health, I’ve spent hours and hours pouring over studies, trials, and systematic reviews on research about the relationship between pacifiers and breastfeeding. I was hoping to answer the question, “When is the best (if any) time to introduce…

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Used breast pump

Should you sell/share your lightly used Breast Pump?

Many insurances now are covering the cost of a breast pump, which is great! However, not all moms use their breast pumps much so it seems there is a surplus of lightly used breast pumps floating around. It’s hard to want to just throw away or recycle such a valuable device, especially if it was…

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Audible Books on Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding

Do you find yourself wanting to read all the pregnancy books but just can’t find the time to sit down and get it done? Or perhaps you don’t enjoy reading? Don’t worry! There are SO MANY options for the pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding classics available for you on Audible by Amazon. Audible works like a monthly…

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When to Start Pumping Breastmilk

When to start pumping breast milk?? That’s a question we get from many new moms. And, like most things, it doesn’t have a one-size-fits all answer. This blog post will cover a few different scenarios for when to start pumping breast milk. First, when to start pumping if you have a healthy baby who is…

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How to order a FREE Breast Pump through your Insurance!

Breast pumps are a major expense on your list of new baby must haves, but now many insurances are required to cover a free breast pump for you! It can be daunting to even know where to start with the process, so here’s a step by step instruction guide. First, we’ll start with regular insurance…

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How To Scald Your Breastmilk – “My Baby Won’t Drink Frozen Breastmilk”

It’s finally time for a night out and you get to dive into the freezer stash of breastmilk you’ve been working so hard to compile! BUT… “My baby won’t drink my frozen breastmilk!” “The frozen milk I thawed smells sour!” “This milk smells like soap!” What now? There’s nothing wrong with your milk and it’s…

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Breastfeeding in Public – REAL advice from a Mom & Lactation Consultant

One of the most common pieces of breastfeeding advice from experienced moms to new mothers often concerns breastfeeding in public. This seems to be a skill that gets easier with every child you have. Or maybe you just start caring less and less… either way, let’s talk about some ways to successfully breastfeed in public…

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