Most Discreet Wearable Pump??

most discreet wearable pump

What’s the most discreet wearable pump? A discreet breast pump is especially important for a working mom. But how do you find the right one? Often, in our Pumping for Working Moms Program, moms will say, “I got this wearable pump, but it’s not discreet at all!” So, let’s break it down. Unfortunately, no pump…

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The Zomee Fit is a new wearable breast pump from Zomee that is available for preorder as of December 2022. Zomee sent a pump to Allison and Jessica (two IBCLC’s and breast pump experts) to test and try and they have compiled some information for you in this video! Preorder the Zomee Fit here We…

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MomCozy Products: An Honest Review

MomCozy products are budget friendly. They advertise being inexpensive alternatives to pricey breast pumps. But are MomCozy products high quality? Read this review for an honest impression of MomCozy! (This post was originally a video. Check it out, below!) This review will cover three MomCozy products. So, let’s see if this cheap stuff holds up…

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Elvie Pump PROS and CONS

elvie pros and cons

The Elvie pump is a wearable pump. It is one small unit with the pump on top, bottle that catches milk on the bottom and a flange on the back that covers the breast. The Elvie really is an all in one wearable breast pump! It is a great device that has help to revolutionize…

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WILLOW vs ELVIE vs FREEMIE: Wearable Breast Pump Comparison

willow vs elvie vs freemie

Willow vs Elvie vs Freemie is a match up of three popular wearable breast pumps. Wearable, hands-free breast pumps are so popular right now, and for good reason! New moms are busy and breast pumps like the Willow, the Elvie, and the Freemie are making it so moms can more easily meet their breastfeeding goals.…

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Willow vs Freemie

willow vs freemie

Willow vs Freemie is an interesting debate in the wearable breast pump world. Wearable breast pumps are super popular right now and for good reason! They can make pumping so much easier and more convenient. Especially if you’ve got other kiddos or plan on returning to work, you’ll want to look at the wearable breast…

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Freemie Breast Cups: A Review

freemie breast cups

The Freemie Breast Cups are wearable accessory for the Freemie breast pumps, or to any pump! But how do they measure up to other wearable/portable pumps?? This review will cover how the Freemie Cups work, how to set them up, how to clean them, how to pour out your milk as well as the pros…

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Willow vs. Elvie: An Honest Breast Pump Comparison

willow vs. elvie

Willow vs. Elvie, which is better? This is the number one question about wearable breast pumps! These two pumps started the wearable pumping craze and even though there are lots of other wearable options now, Willow and Elvie are still top of the market! So, this post is going to dive deep into these two…

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Willow Go, Elvie Stride, which is BETTER?

willow go vs elvie stride

Willow Go and Elvie Stride are newly released versions of their original counterparts, the Willow and Elvie. This post is mostly about the Elvie Stride and the Willow Go but it is going to reference the original version of these pumps. It should help you understand what these pumps are and which one might work…

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Inexpensive Breast Pumps: My Top 5 Pumps under $100!

inexpensive breast pump

Insurance companies should cover most of the expense of a breast pump but sometimes they don’t. Sometimes you need an inexpensive breast pump as a back up. If you’re on a tight budget you can still find a great pump. Here’s my top five favorite inexpensive breast pumps under $100! (This blog post was originally…

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