Is the Babyation Pump Worth It??


Is the Babyation pump worth it?? At $500 it’s one of the more expensive pumps on the market. The Babyation pump is different than any other pump New Little Life has reviewed before! This pump was made by women engineers. It has quite a few unique parts and functions that we’ll cover in this review.…

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Pumpables Genie Advanced VS Horigen | This is NOT the same pump!

Two IBCLC’s and breast pump experts, Allison and Jessica, tested both the Genie Advanced from Pumpables and the Horigen double-electric pump to see if they really were as similar as moms are saying. In this video, Jessica will dive into the data showing you graphs, data, and a side-by-side comparison of these two similar appearing…

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MomCozy Products: An Honest Review

MomCozy products are budget friendly. They advertise being inexpensive alternatives to pricey breast pumps. But are MomCozy products high quality? Read this review for an honest impression of MomCozy! (This post was originally a video. Check it out, below!) This review will cover three MomCozy products. So, let’s see if this cheap stuff holds up…

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Genie Advanced Portable Breast Pump Review

genie advanced

The Genie Advanced is a portable breast pump from Pumpables. Portable versions of bigger pumps are interesting to check out to see what things they are able to keep and what things they have to leave out due to the portable size. So, let’s test all of the features of the Genie Advanced and see…

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Inexpensive Breast Pumps: My Top 5 Pumps under $100!

inexpensive breast pump

Insurance companies should cover most of the expense of a breast pump but sometimes they don’t. Sometimes you need an inexpensive breast pump as a back up. If you’re on a tight budget you can still find a great pump. Here’s my top five favorite inexpensive breast pumps under $100! (This blog post was originally…

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Portable Pumps… Which one is the BEST?

11 Portable Pumps ranked by an IBCLC who specializes in pumping Allison here with New Little Life. I’m an IBCLC who specializes in helping working moms with their breastfeeding/pumping goals. A portable pump can be very convenient, especially for working moms! So let’s get to it. I’ve ranked eleven portable pumps based on price, max…

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MAX SUCTION Comparison of 22 Breast Pumps

Have you ever wondered which breast pump has the MAX suction? With the help of a mechanical engineer, I created a Boobie Barometer to test 22 different breast pumps. (Please remember that MAX suction does not always mean the BEST suction. Watch this video here to learn more about that!) This list will rank these…

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Order a FREE Breast Pump through Aeroflow!

Did you know that you can order a breast pump for free using your insurance? This post will walk you through that process using a company called Aeroflow Breastpumps. How to order a breast pump using Aeroflow Want to Talk to Someone Immediately? You can call the number on the top of the website from…

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