Multi-User Breast Pumps under $1000

Multi-user breast pumps under $1000 is a newer category of pumps that we’ve started to see pop up into the market recently. In the past, multi-user pumps were mostly the pumps you rented from the hospital because they were thousands of dollars and it didn’t make sense to buy one outright just for yourself. Now,…

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MomCozy Products: An Honest Review

MomCozy products are budget friendly. They advertise being inexpensive alternatives to pricey breast pumps. But are MomCozy products high quality? Read this review for an honest impression of MomCozy! (This post was originally a video. Check it out, below!) This review will cover three MomCozy products. So, let’s see if this cheap stuff holds up…

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Spectra Synergy Gold: A Review

spectra synergy gold

The Spectra Synergy Gold is another great pump from Spectra. If you’ve been around New Little Life for awhile, you’ll know that Spectra is a highly recommended and beloved brand! So, let’s delve deeper into the Spectra Synergy Gold! (This post was originally a video. Check it out, below!) Initial Impression of the Spectra Synergy…

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Spectra vs Luna Motif: Which is Better??

spectra vs luna motif

Spectra vs Luna Motif* is a common comparison in the breast pump world. These are both great pumps! And, they are both covered by many insurance plans. In our Pumping for Working Moms Program, we like to call the Spectra and the Luna Motif “work horse pumps.” These both are the kind of pump that…

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Medela vs Spectra

medela vs spectra

Medela vs Spectra is the ultimate debate. These are two of the most common breast pumps on the market! So, how do you know which is best for you? Read this comprehensive compare/contrast style review to decide for yourself! (This post was originally a video. Check it out, here!) Medela vs Spectra Similarities These two…

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MAX SUCTION Comparison of 22 Breast Pumps

Have you ever wondered which breast pump has the MAX suction? With the help of a mechanical engineer, I created a Boobie Barometer to test 22 different breast pumps. (Please remember that MAX suction does not always mean the BEST suction. Watch this video here to learn more about that!) This list will rank these…

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Order a FREE Breast Pump through Aeroflow!

Did you know that you can order a breast pump for free using your insurance? This post will walk you through that process using a company called Aeroflow Breastpumps. How to order a breast pump using Aeroflow Want to Talk to Someone Immediately? You can call the number on the top of the website from…

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