Breast Pump Reviews & Tutorials

There are so many amazing breast pumps out there! It can be a little overwhelming to choose the right one for you. I’m here to help make it easier!

- Allison

Breastfeeding Gift Basket Ideas!

My FAVORITE gift to see at a baby shower is a breastfeeding gift basket! Having a few of the basics can really help a new mother feel supported and ready to start off on the right foot. Now, technically, all you need is a baby and a lactating breast to be able to breastfeeding, but…

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Should you BREASTFEED if you’re SICK?

If a mother is sick, is it still safe for her to breastfeed her baby? This question comes up A LOT in Facebook groups and private messages to me, and it’s a good question! There is a real fear that if you’re sick, you may get your baby sick, and there’s NOTHING more miserable than…

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Used breast pump

Should you sell/share your lightly used Breast Pump?

Many insurances now are covering the cost of a breast pump, which is great! However, not all moms use their breast pumps much so it seems there is a surplus of lightly used breast pumps floating around. It’s hard to want to just throw away or recycle such a valuable device, especially if it was…

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When to Start Pumping Breastmilk – Building a Freezer Stash!

Once your baby is finally here, the breastfeeding begins! You have a lot going on and may be anxious to start pumping and building your freezer stash! I’ve been there too! If you’re exclusively breastfeeding, it may feel like you’ll never get off the couch again. Newborns need ’round the clock feeding so breastfeeding literally consumes your…

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How to order a FREE Breast Pump through your Insurance!

Breast pumps are a major expense on your list of new baby must haves, but now many insurances are required to cover a free breast pump for you! It can be daunting to even know where to start with the process, so here’s a step by step instruction guide. First, we’ll start with regular insurance…

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Medela vs. Spectra breast pump review & order one FREE through your insurance! (Even TRICARE)

As a mom of 2 (soon to be 3) and a lactation counselor, I am quite familiar with the breast pump! I went back to work after my first and carried my Medela pump religiously everywhere I went. With my second baby, I tried out the Spectra pump. They have several similarities, but many many…

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