Bengkung Belly Binding

Postpartum healing is often forgotten in all the to-do’s for your new little life. Take the time for yourself, it will benefit you, your baby, and your family more than you know.

- Allison

Bengkung Belly Binding – Pros and Cons + when NOT to bind!

Postpartum belly binding is becoming a popular trend as a way to promote healing and return faster to your pre-pregnancy shape. There are so many belly bands and binds on the market, it can be overwhelming choosing which is best for you.  Here we’re going to focus on one of my personal favorite options, Bengkung…

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BengKung Belly Binding – The physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits

BengKung Belly Binding is an ancient technique of wrapping the abdomen of a postpartum woman to warm the area and provide support during healing. At first, I thought the idea was a little odd especially since it’s not common in modern culture. The more I learned about BengKung belly binding, the more I became curious…

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BengKung Belly Binding – An ancient technique, What, Why, and How

After your new little life is here, it can be easy to forget about the healing mother. During pregnancy and childbirth the hips open, the abdominal muscles separate, the uterus grows, the skin stretches, and the cervix dilates. This is a normal part of childbearing but requires some healing time. Your changing body will feel…

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DIY 2 Methods to Dye your BengKung Belly Bind – Rainbow and Ice Dye

A BengKung belly bind is a wrap used to bind a postpartum woman’s abdomen after birth. This tradition dates back thousands of years and is meaningful in many ways. There are several physical and symbolic benefits to postpartum belly binding. (More information here) Here I’ll show you 2 methods for dyeing your bind; Ice dyeing,…

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BengKung Belly Binding – Make and Wrap Yourself VIDEO Tutorial

BengKung Belly Binding is a tradition thousands of years old where a woman’s abdomen was wrapped, typically for 40 days postpartum to promote healing and provide warmth. It is a very significant tradition in many cultures and it has so many healing benefits. This video shows the process of making a BengKung style Belly Bind…

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