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Amazon is giving you FREE STUFF to make a baby registry!

When you’re expecting a new baby this list of needs, wants, and nice-to-haves is ever-growing. I always loved when other moms passed along offers for free stuff so that’s what I’m doing for you…

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Flexible Female Pelvis Model and Mini Birth Kit VIDEO Review

Here’s a YouTube video review on some tools I purchased from I bought this life size flexible female pelvis model to use in an upcoming childbirth class and I also use this mini…

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Book Recommendations for Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding! -WITH LINKS

There are so many books on pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding out there it can seem overwhelming. Here I’ve compiled a list of great books on these topics! I’m an Amazon lover so I’ve…

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Preparing Your Child to Attend Birth – Books, Videos, and Links!

Adding new little life into your family is exciting, especially when you want to share it with your little ones too! Having the whole family present to welcome a new addition creates an atmosphere…

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DIY 2 Methods to Dye your BengKung Belly Bind – Rainbow and Ice Dye

A BengKung belly bind is a wrap used to bind a postpartum woman’s abdomen after birth. This tradition dates back thousands of years and is meaningful in many ways. There are several physical and…

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How to Use Cloth Wipes – Picking the best option for you

If you’re already cloth diapering, using cloth wipes is a logical next step. It may seem like just another thing to worry about in the cloth diapering world, but in fact, for us using…

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On-Call Childcare for Siblings During Your Birth – Can a Doula help?

Your new little life is almost here! The day you’ve waited so long for! But if this isn’t your first time, you’ll likely be starting to wonder what to do with your other children…

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Cloth Menstrual Pads??? 8 Reasons to consider switching…

I’ll admit, the first time someone mentioned they used cloth menstrual pads my thought was, “Eww, that’s super gross. That’s definitely something I’m OK with throwing away. Touching? Washing? Storing? Yuck.” This was also…

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Preparing Siblings for Birth – Video Book Reviews!

Originally done as a Facebook LIVE, this video reviews 2 books that were gifted to me by a wonderful doula client! Her birth was one I’ll never forget! These are great books for 2nd,…

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Birth Doula, Boring Birth, What does a doula do?

A Letter to an OB from a Birth Doula. Birth is never boring.

Her health care provider walked in to check on her and said something to me that left me thinking. She said to me (the doula), “Oh I’m so sorry, this is the worst kind of birth for a doula, you’re probably bored.”

Dear Health Care Provider……

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Birth is Never Boring for a Doula – “Plan change, I ended up with an epidural!”

I sat with a woman who was about to become a mother with medications, instruments, and monitors in every place imaginable. Her beautiful, natural-minded birth plan had gone out the window hours ago when…

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Medela vs. Spectra breast pump review & order one FREE through your insurance! (Even TRICARE)

As a mom of 2 (soon to be 3) and a lactation counselor, I am quite familiar with the breast pump! I went back to work after my first and carried my Medela pump…

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How to Sew Cloth Menstrual Pads – Video Tutorial Timelapse

This fun time-lapse video is meant to show you just how easy it is to sew Cloth Menstrual Pads! So fun! Check out The Happy Hippos on Etsy for my favorite patterns! Don’t forget…

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BengKung Belly Binding – Make and Wrap Yourself VIDEO Tutorial

BengKung Belly Binding is a tradition thousands of years old where a woman’s abdomen was wrapped, typically for 40 days postpartum to promote healing and provide warmth. It is a very significant tradition in…

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Serging Cloth Wipes – Time Lapse Video Tutorial

This is a fun time-lapse video showing you how to serge cloth wipes! Since we’re using cloth diapers anyway, using cloth wipes too almost makes it easier! Now I don’t have a pile of…

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Newborn Cloth Diaper Cover Tutorial

Tutorial with pictures for a newborn sized waterproof cover for cloth diapering. Mixture of patterns from a easy going seamstress! Save money and make cloth diapers yourself!

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PUL Cloth Diaper Cover Tutorial – Velcro (Aplix) Closure

I’m excited to cloth diaper my second boy after my wallet continually wept every time I bought diapers for my first son. After doing countless hours of research and pricing out options, I’ve decided…

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Tips, Links, and Help Writing a Birth Plan

Writing a birth plan can seem daunting! Is it necessary? Where do I start? Help????
Here are some tips and suggestions from a nurse, doula, and birth enthusiast. You’ll find lots of information, links, and reading material to help you get started finding the best path for you. You CAN do this!!

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DIY Birth Ball Cover – Make your own birthing ball cover tutorial

These birth ball covers are a must if you’ve got a birth ball (also called an exercise ball, yoga ball). This tutorial is super easy and gives your ball a beautiful new look and…

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how to write a birth plan

Write And Following A Birth Plan – A how-to guide with samples!

A birth plan is a way for you to communicate your desires and wishes to those involved in your birth experience. It details what you’d like to have happen, what you’d like to avoid, and…

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DIY Birth Ball Cover

These birth ball covers are a must if you’ve got a birth ball (also called exercise ball, yoga ball). This tutorial is super easy and gives your ball a beautiful new look and a…

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DIY Moby Wrap Tutorial

Learn to make your own Moby Style Baby Wrap! A DIY tutorial makes it easy to carry your baby and toddler around. Also includes a link to purchase from my shop!

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The Perfect Birth

The idea of a perfect birth seems too good to be true. What does a “perfect birth” look like? The better questions is, what does a perfect birth look like to you. There are a few things that can help you toward having a positive birth experience!

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Homemade Mothers Milk Tea – Increase Breastmilk Production

First of all, I’m a tea newbie! But I thought I’d give it a try when I needed a little boost after going back to work and starting the pumping game. I got the…

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