Find the best breast pump... for YOU!

If you're a working mom looking for the best breast pump for YOU, come get some personalized help!

Join me for the next free LIVE Webinar!

The next LIVE webinar is May 3, 2024 @ 1pm EST.

We will cover:

  • Wearable pump PROS & CONS
  • How many breast pumps do you need?
  • Can a portable pump be your main pump?
  • Battery VS Plugin pumps for the office
  • What to do AFTER picking a breast pump??

We'll also have a 30-minute Q&A where we will open up the mic and I can talk with YOU! Ask your questions and find the best breast pump to meet your individual needs.



Here's what others are saying...

Choosing a breast pump is a great place to start in the transition back to work, but it's not the magic solution that will fix all your struggles.

Our signature program is designed to help fill in the gaps! You can learn the basics of your breast pump, the advanced techniques required to pump effectively and maintain your milk supply, back to work success tips, and get the continued support you need from a lactation and breast pump expert!