Worst Pumps for Working Moms

Worst pumps for working moms?? If you’ve been around our channel, or our blog, you know that we don’t usually say bad things about pumps. We try to stick to the data and let you decide what pumps seem like they would work for you. We’ve done a lot of videos comparing pumps, recommending pumps, and we even have a webinar on the best breast pumps for working moms (which you can find here if you’re interested).

We’ve never talked about the worst pumps, so let’s do it now.

To be honest, I almost didn’t film this because I really don’t like to say bad things
or talk down on stuff. But let’s just talk about a few pumps that are some
of the worst recommendations for working moms.

-Allison tolman, ibclc

Our Least Favorite Pump

First, let’s start off with a pump that we see a lot from insurance companies. It’s an inexpensive pump, so it’s one of the most common ones you see on lists for insurance companies: the Lansinoh Signature Pro.

This pump does not perform well in our testing on the Boobie Barometer. The max suction is subpar, to be honest. And when you divide it in half for double pumping, it’s difficult. It’s just a difficult pump.

Sometimes when we’re working who use this pump or have used in the past we say “Okay, we can try a couple things, but just so you know, we might actually have to get a new pump.”

Almost always, we can figure something out. We can work with what we’ve got. But the Lansinoh is one of our least favorite pumps, especially for someone who needs a really good pump.

working moms program

Why It Won’t Work for a Working Mom

Now, if you’re pumping occasionally or you’re mostly feeding at the breast but you just want a pump and this is a free option from your insurance? It might be totally fine. Specifically, when we’re talking about a mom who has to leave her baby and go back to work, the Lansinoh Signature Pro is not a great pump.

If you were feeding at the breast and now rely on a pump at work, the Lansinoh Signature Pro is not one that we usually recommend. If you have a choice, Lansinoh does make a better pump, the Smart Pump 3.0 and it performs well. So, it’s not that Lansinoh pumps are bad, it’s just this specific one.

Why Amazon Pumps Won’t Work for Working Moms

Next, anytime we see a user pumping with a very inexpensive, usually an Amazon find pump, it’s always a red flag.

Here’s an example of one of those: the BellaBaby Wearable. We don’t particularly hate this pump. Sometimes, we even recommend it. But it is a cheap pump. Cheap can be a pro if you have a tight budget and you’re not relying on this pump for all day use. However, this pump will not cut it for full time pumping.

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on breast pumps to make your journey work. But anytime we find a really, really inexpensive pump, it’s a red flag. These cheap pumps don’t perform consistently. They lose suction and the motors wear out quickly.

Pros and Cons of Cheap Pumps

A member inside our Pumping for Working Moms Program who used this pump at work. This was not her only pump, obviously. But for a wearable, she wanted something cheap and easy. This pump is loud and clanky because it is inexpensive, but it worked for her. And it was cheap.

So, not that you can’t get away with the BellaBaby Wearable, but anytime we see these crazy off-brands or, hear someone say, “Oh yeah, I got a sweet deal on this, it was 25 bucks,” it’s a red flag. We don’t recommend using those pumps as your primary because the motors burn out quickly or they lose suction etc. You’ve got to make sure that your pump is performing how you want it to. And, you wouldn’t want to trust your supply with something like that.

Things to Watch for with Wearables

One last thing, this pump is a wearable. So, anytime you are adding wearable on top of things, it just makes us nervous. We talk about wearable pumps in the webinar and help you learn what to look for in a good wearable pump. Wearable pumps can be a little bit tricky in managing your supply and your output. So, we just want to make sure that you:

  • Get a good wearable pump,
  • You know how to use it,
  • You know the signs to watch for in case it’s not working like we anticipate.

The BellaBaby Wearable is cheap. We do love a good deal and we have tons of coupon codes. In fact, we have a whole page on our website that’s dedicated to coupon codes for you because companies will usually work with us since we talk about a lot of pumps. So, we can get discount codes and save you some money on wearable pumps that would be better than the BellaBaby. Check out the coupon codes, here.

The Babyation is one of the Worst Pumps for Working Moms

Three, makes us sad because we really wanted to love this pump, especially for working moms, which is who it was designed for. The idea of the Babyation is that it’s all in one. But man, we have had so many problems troubleshooting this pump with users. And we’re never recommending it any more because it has some things to work out.

Now, the reason this makes us sad is because the Babyation is really pushing the boundaries in new technology, and we love that they are really thinking outside the box and coming up with some new designs. The flanges for this are like something you’ve never seen before, and honestly, the intent is there. You can store it all inside of itself. Your cooler, your milk, everything is there.

I love the concept, and I love advancing technology in new ways that we hadn’t thought of. But this pump did miss the mark for me, and we had too many problems with it, more problems than success. And for me, that’s a red flag.

Allison tolman, ibclc

It’s kind of fun to be part of new technology and new advances but don’t waste your money on this one! Companies are moving in the right direction with pumping tech. But every new advance in technology can’t be a hit, and this one was a miss for us.

Worst Pumps for Working Moms: Any Pump You Hate!

Last, any pump that you hate using is the worst pump for you as a working mom! Even if it’s a really solid pump other people love. If you hate it, that’s reason enough to stop using it!

For example, the Spectra, which a lot of people really like, might be one you hate because it’s big and bulky. And, if for some reason, you hate using it or it just doesn’t work for what you’re trying to do, then it is the worst pump for you, right? So never get caught up in this mindset that there are excellent pumps, like the best on the market, and then there’s the worst. Sometimes, it is all about you and what you want and what you need, right?

Pumping for Working Moms Program

We have worked with moms inside the Pumping for Working Moms program who have really busy jobs. For example, a surgeon who’s in surgery and cannot step away to pump with something like the Spectra, although it’s a fantastic pump, needs a different option. This is a really important thing to remember that just because a pump works for some people doesn’t mean it works for everyone.

I wish I could give you a 1 through 400 list of pumps, putting the best one at the top,
but it’s just not how it works. It depends on what you’re looking for,
what your goals are, and what problems you’ve had in the past.


This is why we really like working with moms individually inside the Pumping for Working Moms program. Not only do we help you choose a breast pump, but we can also troubleshoot the ones that you already have.

Our favorite thing to do is really figure out how to make your pump work without you having to buy a new one, especially if you’re going to invest in our program. We don’t want you to have to keep buying more and more pumps. That’s not our goal. We’re trying to get you to pump fast and efficiently and protect your milk supply at work, which is one of the hardest things to do. Usually, moms are also feeding at the breast and then have to go back to work and learn a whole new skill set of pumping in the workplace. Not to mention tackling their career and doing the work they have to do. It’s just a lot to juggle.


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So if you need that step-by-step learning, we can teach you everything you need to know inside our program. You’ll have easy access to professionals. This is what we’re here for. You get lifetime access to our program, so we never kick you out. We want you to have support for as long as you need it.

We’d love to chat with you! Remember, choosing a pump really depends on the individual. One person’s worst pump might be someone else’s best.

Worst Pumps for Working Moms