Similar Pumps to the Spectra

Similar pumps to the Spectra? This is a question we get all the time! We have lots of videos on the channel about Spectra pumps and different brands, but today we’ll be looking at some other pumps that you might like if you’re a fan of Spectra.

(This pump was originally a video. Check it out, here!)

similar pumps to the spectra similar pumps to the spectra similar pumps to the spectra similar pumps to the spectra similar pumps to the spectra

Now, let’s jump in. In the YouTube video, Allison pulled the data she had collected from the “Boobie Barometer,” on each of the pumps covered in this post. This data gives us in-depth information on these pumps allowing for more objective comparisons.

So, here are some key points about Spectra pumps: The Spectra S1 and S2 are very similar, with the only difference being that the S1 has a battery and doesn’t need to be plugged in, while the S2 needs to be plugged into a wall.

Vibration Similar to the Spectra?

One feature many users like about Spectra is the vibration pattern, which provides a vibrating sensation during pumping. However, not many pumps on the market offer this vibration technique.

Only one pump in this post has that vibration style similar to the Spectra. All the other ones, though, we’ve had really good success with either transitioning over from the Spectra or using in addition to it.

What are some reasons you’d want a pump similar to the Spectra? Maybe you used the Spectra during your last pregnancy and you want something new this time. Or, maybe you want a wearable or portable option to use in addition to the Spectra. Either way, this post is for you!


Specs of the Spectra

So, a quick rundown of the Spectra before we get started so we know how we’re comparing these together. The Spectra on stimulation mode, which is that first mode that you start on, is set at 70 cycles per minute.

In expression mode, you can range from 30 to 54 cycles per minute on the Spectra. You can get pretty good suction on the Spectra on single pumping. The Boobie Barometer measures 300 mmHg at least, sometimes even more than that.

With double pumping, the Spectra does hold up very well. Consistently, it gets around 230 mmHg suction when double pumping. That’s impressive for a little pump!

So, there’s kind of the basic rundown of the Spectra as we compare it to these other pumps.

If any of that information confused you, we can talk more about it! You can come work with our team and we’ll teach you everything you need to know about pumps and pumping in our Pumping for Working Moms Program. If you’re a professional, we have a course for you, too.

Portable Pump Comparable to the Spectra

Let’s start with a portable option: the Genie Advanced from Pumpables. This is one of our favorite pumps because it performs well, is lightweight, and comes with a lanyard and clip for portable pumping. Users who like Spectra often find similar settings on the Genie Advanced. One tip is to increase the vacuum level on stimulation mode to match the pressure of the Spectra.

The cycles per minute in stimulation mode on the Genie Advanced are 64. They’re 70 on the Spectra, so very comparable there.

Once you’re in expression mode, most of the time Spectra users like to use cycle setting 3 on the Genie Advanced. Setting 3 is one of the faster cycle settings on the Genie Advanced. The cycle settings one and two are great but they do go slower than the Spectra. So, if that’s something that you’re used to you, like a little bit faster usually that third cycle is where we put most users on the Genie Advanced.

How to Use the New Little Life Pump Dashboard

A member of the Pumping for Working Moms program who got the Genie Advanced told us she wasn’t quite getting as much output as she had with her Spectra. We thought that was kind of weird because the Genie Advanced is a great pump as well. So, we plugged in her Spectra settings into the New Little Life Pump dashboard (another great feature of the Pumping for Working Moms Program!) and found the exact same settings on the Genie Advanced.

Now in case it’s helpful for you, let’s share those comparable settings from the Genie Advanced to the Spectra.

On the Spectra, this member was using vacuum level 5 on stimulation mode. We found that vacuum level 9 was a little bit closer to that same setting on the Genie Advanced.

In expression mode, this member tended to pump on the Spectra with faster cycles, about 54 and vacuum level 7. We found that cycle level 3 and a very similar vacuum level in expression mode worked on the Genie Advanced very well.

The Pump Dashboard Helps Increase Output!

Once we plugged in these settings for her, the output was fantastic! Once she knew what she was looking for and her body got that all figured out, the settings from the Genie Advanced worked as well as the Spectra.

The Genie Advanced is one of my favorite little pumps! Anytime someone says, “I want a portable pump like the Spectra,we almost always point them toward the Genie Advanced from Pumpables. Use this link and the coupon code NEWLITTLELIFE for a discount!

Wearable Pump Comparable to the Spectra

Now, if you’re transitioning from the Spectra to a wearable pump, we recommend the Willow Go. While it doesn’t have the vibration feature, it provides suction similar to the Spectra. The Willow Go is convenient for on-the-go pumping and offers freedom of movement.

Other wearable pumps aren’t a great fit for Spectra lovers. The Willow 3.0 has that constant suction, which is its own beast. The Elvie functions quite differently than the Spectra. And we’ve looked at a bunch of other wearable pumps like MomCozy ones and some more off-brand ones on Amazon. But, the Willow Go is consistently the wearable pump we recommend, especially if you like the Spectra. Use this link and the code Willowgo-NLL for a discount!

Tabletop Pump Comparable to the Spectra

When comparing tabletop pumps, the Unimom Opera is our go-to recommendation over the Spectra. It is often covered by insurance companies at zero or low cost which is surprising since it’s an expensive multi-user pump! The Unimom Opera is smaller, lighter, and offers a wide range of settings.

If your insurance doesn’t cover the Unimom Opera, we have a coupon code for you! Use this link and the code NEWLITTLELIFE for 20% off.

The pros of the Unimom Opera outweigh the Spectra. Our biggest complaint about the Spectra is the bulkiness of the shape. It is a little bit awkward anytime you put it in a pumping bag. It’s round and hard to fit in a pumping bag. The Spectra is good pump but everything has its drawbacks. The Unimom Opera is a lot smaller! It fits in bags a lot better.

The Unimom Opera also has a lot more settings than the Spectra. So, you have a wide variety of options to play with on this pump, even more than you do with the Spectra. Again, the Unimom Opera doesn’t have that vibration style but we have had excellent luck with this pump. Anytime we’re stuck comparing those two, we almost always lean toward the Unimom Opera! Not because we don’t like the Spectra, but because we’ve been really impressed with the Unimom Opera!

Vibration Pump Comparable to the Spectra

Next, we actually did try and find a pump that had a vibration pattern similar to the Spectra because that’s probably the question that we get asked most often. The new Medela Pump in Style Max does have a vibration pattern to it, but that pump functions quite a bit differently than the Spectra and has some other not so fun features. So, it’s not usually a pump we would recommend to people who love the Spectra.

Ameda Pearl

The Ameda Pearl this is a fairly new pump to the market. It is a multi-user pump so it’s a little bit more expensive than some of your other pumps. But, it does have that vibration pattern that a lot of Spectra users like.

The screen is really big. It’s very simple to use. But, you do have more setting options, cycle speeds and vacuum pressures on the Ameda Pearl than even you do on the Spectra which is cool. The vacuum levels were similar, though, so you’re going to have the suction that you need no problem.

So, the Ameda Pearl was probably the most similar to the Spectra when we’re looking at suction pattern that vibration. However, we want to mention that we’re not seeing many users actually buying and using this pump.

Pumping for Lactation Professionals

But, the Ameda Pearl is really nice if you’re a professional looking for a pump to rent out. And, if you are a professional looking for more recommendations about pumping, join our Pumping for Lactation Professionals Course! This course is research based and approaches the content from a professional lens for lactation consultants that are looking to better understand pumping for their clients.

For those who prefer a vibration pattern similar to the Spectra, the Ameda Pearl is a great choice!

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Same Brand but not a Similar Pump?

Last, we want to mention the Spectra 9. While it is a Spectra brand pump, it functions differently and doesn’t have the vibration feature of the Spectra 1. The Spectra 9 is a smaller pump, but it has fewer setting options compared to the Genie Advanced. If you already use the Spectra 1 (or the Spectra 2), the parts are interchangeable with the Spectra 9, which can be convenient.


Hopefully you found this helpful! Remember, these are our opinions based on research, but there are many pumps and experiences out there. If you need further assistance with pumping and making it easier, apply to work with us in the Pumping for Working Moms program.

Similar Pumps to the Spectra