Bougie Pumping Accessories

Bougie pumping accessories are some of those extra things that come with pumping that you may or may not need. We went full “extra” and decided to just find a bunch of stuff that might make your pumping life easier. So, if you want to be a little bougie with your pumping or you just want to make your life easier and you’ve got some extra money to spend, this post is for you.

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Let’s talk about some products that you don’t necessarily need but that might be kind of cool aka bougie pumping accessories.

Ceres Chill

Alright, you’ve all probably seen these little coolers that have the little bottle pack in them for your milk. They’re awesome. But, if you really wanted to go above and beyond, you might try something like the Ceres Chill. Save on the Ceres Chill by using this link and the code NEWLITTLELIFE!

This is actually really cool for milk storage! The Ceres Chill is a water bottle-type looking thing, but it’s got a tiny compartment that you can put milk or ice in. You can also take it apart into a bigger compartment where you can also put milk or ice, whichever one you prefer. This is a really cool way to do the pitcher method (find out more about the pitcher method in our Pumping for Working Moms course!) and store your milk.

The Ceres Chill is not see-through so no one’s gonna know it’s milk. This is a really awesome option for on the go milk storage and definitely an upgrade from carrying around a random cooler or bottles. You can keep your milk cold a really long time in something like this!

Motivational Milk Bags

Next, instead of your normal milk bags, you could upgrade to some bags that have some motivational sayings on them. Our favorite motivational milk bags are from Idaho Jones. They’re pretty cool!

Some examples of the words of wisdom on these bags: “Powerful mothers power pump!” or “You’re doing a flange-tastic job!” Who doesn’t want to hear that while they’re dealing with their milk?

Freeze it Flat

Now, what is the best way to store milk bags in the freezer? If you fill you bags all the way to the top and just put them in the freezer, you won’t be able to fit very many because milk bags are an awkward shape. So, if you want to upgrade your milk freezing situation, try something like the Freeze it Flat!

The Freeze it Flat is definitely the best system for freezing milk bags. Basically, you just sandwich your milk in between sheets of plastic and it freezes them so flat. This is really really cool!

So, this is is six ounces. Look at that, totally flat!

Don’t forget, this is called the Freeze it Flat. You’ve got to be careful because there are some like knockoffs of this on Amazon but the original Freeze it Flat is the best one! Use this link and the code NEWLITTLELIFE for a discount on the Freeze it Flat.

Haakaa/Elvie Curve

The Haakaa is a cool tool that a lot of moms find great success with. You can store a little bit of extra milk by attaching the Haakaa to one side and feeding on the other.

If you want to upgrade the Haakaa into something a little nicer, consider something that actually fits in the bra like the Elvie Curve. There are several other kind of different brands on Amazon that you can get but the Elvie Curve is one of our favorites. Check out this video to see why the Elvie Curve is our favorite.

Sanitizing Bag

Why spend your time washing and drying pump parts when you could use a sanitizing bag that does it all for you?? This sanitizing bag on Amazon is so cool. It also folds down really really small which is convenient for on the go!

Basically, to use this sanitizing bag, you plug it in with the little cord in the back. Then, you put in your pump parts and turn on the UV light. When you close it up, it starts glowing purple and it sanitizes everything in there. How cool is that?

The sanitizing bag is also really easy to fold down and take with you! That will fit in your carry-on which would be really awesome for traveling, pumping at work or going on trips.

It is not expensive but definitely an upgrade from washing your parts and trying to figure out how to keep them all clean! You could definitely use this sanitizing bag at home, too.

Do Not Disturb Signs

If you are a working moms, you’re pumping at work or in public places. To make your sure your pumping place remains private you could print out do not disturb signs, or even just lock in your door. But, if you really want to upgrade into something fancy, check out these pumping or breastfeeding signs!

These ones are really cute and very simple. Just throw that on the door and make yourself feel extra fancy like, “this is my time, please don’t come in.”

Reusable Labels

Reusable labels are a bougie pumping accessory that would be so helpful! You can slip these labels on your bottle and write your baby’s name or the amount of ounces they ate that day really write anything you need for your daycare on there and send it with baby. So helpful!

Pumping Bag

If you don’t already have like a pump specific bag, you should get one. It’s really convenient! A pumping bag should have a compartment specifically for your pump. When you’re pumping at work or are out and about a pumping bag makes it really easy. In a pumping bag, your the pump is packed in a way that’s not messing up anything in your bag.

There’s a million pumping bags on Amazon or anywhere else, really. But if you want some help choosing a pumping bag, check out this video!

Breast Massagers

Now, this next bougie pumping accessory is definitely an optional thing. But, we do see a lot of moms using it inside the Pumping for Working Moms Program to help them pump fast and efficiently.

is a device that simulates a baby massaging your breast. They’re best when used for a little vibration or heat to help let milk down.

They are not great for clogged ducts. We’ve heard of moms really digging into a clogged duct and that’s actually a pretty bad idea because it can cause more inflammation and tissue damage.

One of our favorite lactation massagers is the one by LaVie

And the lactation massager from MomCozy is also great! For 10% off, use this link and the code NEWLITTLELIFE.

Lactation massagers are not the cheapest things nor are they necessary but they are pretty cool. You can just kind of stick those right in the bra while you’re pumping and either turn on the heat or the vibration whatever works better for you. A cool thing to add in if you want to try it!

Pumping Bras

While we’re talking about pumping bras, if you don’t already have a pumping bra, you need one. There are plenty of hacks on how to turn your nursing bra into a pumping bra, but a bra designed for pumping is so much better.

Davin and Adley makes pumping bras that are both beautiful and practical. Look at the back of this, how beautiful!

And your pump just go right in there.

For a discount on Davin and Adley bras, use this link and the code NEWLITTLELIFE.

There are actually a lot of really like stylish pumping bras out there! Check out our blog post covering our favorite pumping bras, here, for more info!

But really, the bra that you’re wearing can make you feel crappy or awesome. So, don’t be afraid to spend a little money and get a good pumping bra that you like and that makes you feel good!

Mimi and Pal

If you’re pumping with your portable pump, there is a better way to do that. Although we’re glad that some of these portable pumps have the lanyard options, because it’s better than holding it in your hand or in your pocket, there’s a better way.

Let’s show you the Mimi and Pal Harper bag (who we actually love over on Instagram! If you don’t already follow her you should!)

Mimi and Pal made a little bag that you can pump in. Check out this video where Allison put a bunch of different pumps (30 to be exact!) in this bag to see which ones fit and which ones didn’t. But this MImi and Pal bag holds most portable pumps!

It has little holes on both sides that your tubing can go in. There’s a spot for your wipes, all that kind of stuff. It is a really cute and a really stylish option for pumping on the go, especially if your pump doesn’t have a lanyard or a clip or something.

Use this link and the code NEWLITTLELIFE706 for 10% off the Mimi and Pal Harper bag!

Mini Fridge

Sometimes at work getting a mini fridge under your desk is a don’t ask don’t tell kind of thing. Like, it’s technically not allowed but you can do it anyway. And your own mini fridge at work would be so helpful for storing milk!

This is a mini fridge right on Amazon. You can probably fit four or five maybe six little bottles in there. The bags of milk would be even easier but you could definitely have one of these at work to store your milk in.

This one even had a carrying case. It is super light and portable so you could legit take this mini fridge wherever you want to go. At work, no one is going to notice this fridge because it is so tiny. If you’ve always pictured mini fridges like something big and bulky, think again! This mini fridge is truly tiny and mini!

Pumping for Working Moms Program

There’s also some other really unnecessary (but helpful!) bougie stuff for pumping that we talk about in our Pumping for Working Moms Program. But really, the ultimate way to upgrade your pumping experience is to invest in some help and support that you need.

The old-fashioned way of getting pumping help and support would be trial and error, figuring it out on your own, watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, things like that. But now, you don’t have to do that! The new way to get pumping help and support is to join the Pumping for Working Moms Program!

This program is a way to really invest in some help. Personalized help might be the thing that makes your experience better than any of this other bougie pumping stuff.

working moms program

Personalized Help is More Important than Gadgets

We understand the allure of a lot of these products. They’re designed to make your lives easier; they’re designed to help this process. Honestly, breastfeeding can be super simple, feeding your baby can be really natural.

On the other hand, pumping isn’t always simple. Sometimes you have to decide which things are going to make your life the most easy, which things are going to make the biggest difference in the long run. And truly, more important than any stuff or gadgets is the help of experts in the Pumping for Working Moms Program.

And if you’re struggling with milk supply, we can tell you that getting the Ceres Chill is not really going to help you with that, right? It is going to help you with carrying your milk. And, if you’re pumping a lot on the go, if you’re pumping at work or if you need a more discrete milk storage option, that’s absolutely the solution.

But, if you’re struggling with how much you’re supposed to be pumping or if you’re pumping correctly you’re wondering why pumping is not working? That’s harder to solve than just buying a simple lactation massager. You may need to invest in some professional support.

Pumping for Working Moms Program

We are available to help you specifically with pumping. Our whole curriculum and program focuses around pumping for working moms, and chat with us. The real way to upgrade your pumping experience is by investing in the help that you deserve.

Bougie Pumping Accessories