Most Discreet Wearable Pump??

What’s the most discreet wearable pump? A discreet breast pump is especially important for a working mom. But how do you find the right one? Often, in our Pumping for Working Moms Program, moms will say, “I got this wearable pump, but it’s not discreet at all!” So, let’s break it down.

Unfortunately, no pump will truly be unnoticeable. But there are pumps that are more modest and discreet than others. We’ll rank 7 wearable pumps by size, weight, shape, sound and leaking to help you find the most discreet wearable pump.

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What Does Discreet Really Mean?

First, let’s redefine the word discreet. What does this actually mean when we’re talking about breast pumps?

The actual definition of discreet is intentionally unobtrusive, modest or unnoticeable. The best term for talking about breast pumps and pumping is probably modest. Unnoticeable is just not gonna happen. If you’re looking to be totally unnoticeable, like you can just walk around and nobody knows you’re pumping, that’s unrealistic. Why? Because pumps have motors and motors make sound. Some are louder than others, but all motors will make some sound.

Also, you have to have a place for the milk to go. A pump is not going to look totally natural.

Sidenote: Often, it feels way worse or way more noticeable than it actually looks! You’re used to how things look normally especially clothes you see that all the time. So when you put in this wearable pump you’re like “Oh my gosh, it’s like Madonna! Like people are going to be staring!” But it’s probably not as bad to others as it is to you.

Other Reasons Pumping Will Never Be Unnoticeable

There’s some factors to using wearable pumps and pumping in public that we can’t make totally discreet or totally unnoticeable.

Putting a wearable pump on is not very discreet, especially not until you get the hang of it. Alignment is really important, the bra fit is really important. Adjusting those things isn’t entirely unnoticeable. We all have this dream of just boop boop and you can keep working and no one’s gonna notice. However, that’s not realistic.

There is some room for improvement in this area specifically. But, companies are always innovating and putting out new breast pumps for us to try so hopefully pumping can become even more discreet!

How We’re Ranking Wearable Pumps

Without further ado, let’s rate some pumps! Remember, this is going to be on a scale from 1 to 10 in 5 different categories, size, weight, shape, sound and leaking (2 points per category).

Sidenote: Leaking might be the most important category because no matter how quiet or tiny it is, if it leaves your shirt wet, that’s not cool!

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Let’s start with the Elvie. It scored an 8 out of 10.

The size is great. This is one of the smallest pumps and lightest wearable pumps. The shape is also great. It can be very unnoticeable in the bra. If you have a supportive bra with some kind of cup in the front, you won’t notice the Elvie. With a less formed bra, the Elvie will look like a nipple. Keep that in mind if you’re wearing something tight with a less firm cup in the bra. Otherwise shape is really good.

However, the Elvie did score a 0 out of 2 on leaking. That’s because it’s not leakproof. This is the most common complaint of the Elvie. It leaks because of how it’s designed. The seal between the top and bottom is where it leaks. Once it has three or four ounces in the bottom, it’s very full. So, if there’s a lot of movement, it can leak at the seal between the top and bottom.

Leaking is one of the complaints of the Elvie. Although, once you’ve figured it out, and kind of learned what it feels like, leaking will probably happen less often.

Grand total 8 out of 10 for the Elvie!

Willow 3.0

The Willow 3.0 scored pretty well, 6 out of 10.

For size, it scored 1 out of 2 because it is pretty big.

Weight scored 1 out of 2 because it is heavy. It’s not crazy heavy, but it’s one of the heavier wearable pumps.

The shape also scored 1 out of 2. The Willow does look like a nice shape, but a lot of the weight is on the bottom of this pump so it can kind of pull forward a little bit. It’s also pretty voluptuous inside the bra.

Next, sound scored 1 out of 2. This is definitely not the quietest pump. When it’s trying to establish suction, it is pretty loud. Once it gets suctioned and gets going, it’s not bad at all. But, finding the suction is loud! Once you figure out how to use it well, you can make that finding time really short.

Then, leaking scored 2 out of 2. So, this is the only pump really that can be totally leak-proof, if you use the bags. And, even with the wearable cups the Willow is pretty much leakproof. You have to move a lot for the wearable cups to leak. The Willow is only going to leak out the top unlike the Elvie which might leak and leave a stain on your shirt. So, 2 out of 2 on the leakproof.

Overall, the Willow was 6 out of 10.

Willow Go

The Willow Go scored an 8 out of 10. Actually, the Willow Go is a little bit better than the Willow 3.0. In fact, Allison, IBCLC and founder of New Little Life, is recommending the Willow Go more often! Unless you absolutely have to have that leak free option of the Willow 3.0 bags. Otherwise, the Willow Go is less expensive and works fine. It’s a lot easier to use and doesn’t have that constant suction that the Willow 3.0 has…

Next, size scored 2 out of 2. The Willow Go is a great size and shape.

The weight is good as well. Not only is the Willow Go a little bit lighter than the original Willow, but the weight distribution is nice. It’s a lot closer to the breast and there’s no weight out in front.

Although, the Willow Go is not the lightest wearable pump. There are definitely some lighter ones. It still gets a two out of two for weight. Specifically, because the weight is distributed toward the back which is nice.

Then, sound scored a 1 out of 2. The Willow Go is not the quietest. It’s not terrible and it’s better than the original Willow for sure.

Finally, leakproof scored a 1 out of 2. The only spot it’s going to leak from is the little tiny air hole in the top. So, the Willow Go is a pretty reliable option.

It does fit really nicely inside the bra. It has a really smooth shape as well for a grand total of 8 out of 10 for the Willow Go.

MomCozy S9

The MomCozy S9 scored 5 out of 10 overall. (Use code NEWLITTLELIFE for 10% off of this pump). The cost of this pump is inexpensive, especially compared to other wearable pumps.

Size scores 2 out of 2. The MomCozy S9 is small.

Next, weight scored 2 out of 2. The MomCozy S9 is very lightweight.

But, the shape scored a 0 out of 2. The pump has the cup and then the pump motor on top. It’s not the best inside the bra, especially in terms of discreetness. You will notice that it does have a flat front so if you have a more free bra that does look a little weird. Obviously, you will also have this motor sticking out of the top. That is better than a flange hanging off with your nipples outright but the shape as far as wearable pumps go is not great.

Then, sound also scored 0 out of 2 because it’s not quiet. The MomCozy S9 is not crazy loud, but not as quiet as other wearable pumps.

Finally, the MomCozy S9 scored a 1 out of 2 for leakproof. It’s not completely leakproof like the Willow. However, it’s probably not going to give you a lot of problems.

A grand total of 5 out of 10 for the MomCozy S9.

MomCozy M1

The MomCozy M1 (Use code NEWLITTLELIFE for 10% off of this pump) scored a 4 out of 10.

The size is a little big. It’s not huge but it’s big. The weight is a little bit awkward as well.

Shape scored a 0 out of 2. Although it’s round, it’s just not realistic. It just looks huge and unnatural.

Next, sound scored a 1 out of 2. The MomCozy M1 is not the quietest pump out there.

Finally, leakproof scored 1 out of 2 for a grand total of 4 out of 10 for the MomCozy M1.

Zomee Fit

Have you seen this new one from Zomee yet? New Little Life just released a deep dive video on this pump, you can check that out here. Anyway, the Zomee Fit scored 7 out of 10.

This has been a an interesting little pump to explore. There’s some really unique features about it that make it an interesting option.

Size scored a 2 out of 2.

Weight also scored 2 out of 2. It’s not overly heavy and it’s distributed pretty nicely.

Next, shape scored 2 out of 2. The Zomee Fit is not a bad shape. It is a little bit long but that’s not necessarily a terrible thing. When it’s in the bra, the Zomee Fit looks pretty natural.

Then, sound scores a 0 out of 2 because it does have a kind of a weird sound to it. You can learn more about the sound in that deep dive video on the New Little Life member’s channel.

Finally leakproof for the Zomee Fit scored 1 out of 2. It does leak less than the Elvie, although the shape is similar.

So, overall, the Zomee Fit scores 7 out of 10.

Tommee Tippee

The Tommee Tippee wearable is called the Made for Me. This pump has some really really interesting features and is very strong for a wearable pump.

It has a nice shape although there are some interesting things about the Tommee Tippee overall.

There’s a deep dive video covering the Tommee Tippee Made for Me on the New Little Life member’s channel if you’re looking for a more detailed review.

How Discreet is the Made for Me?

But, let’s continue on with the wearable pump rating. For size, the Tommee Tippee Made for Me scores a 1 out of 2. It is a little bit on the bigger side.

Next, weight scores 2 out of 2.

Then, shape scores 1 out of 2, only because it has some interesting little handles on the top and it’s pretty tall. (We haven’t tried how it actually fits in the bra so we’ll keep you posted on that).

Sound scores a one out of two.

Finally, leakproof scores 2 out of 2. Although it is not fully leakproof, the way that it’s designed makes it very leak resistant.

Overall, the Tommee Tippee Made for Me scores 7 out of 10.

Bonus Rating: Elvie Stride

Although, the Elvie Stride doesn’t fit exactly into the wearable pump category because it has tubing, it is technically a wearable pump. It is designed to be a wearable pump. The framing is very similar to the original Elvie. However, you lose a lot of that discreetness factor that you’re looking for in the Elvie Stride because of the tubing.

The is a motor separated from the cup in the Elvie Stride. The cup is very small, smaller than many of these full wearables.

The shape and the weight of this cup is great except for that tubing which makes it less discreet. You can run the tubing out down the bottom of your shirt and fit the tubing into your pocket so that you can’t see it as much.

The Elvie Stride is very quiet. We didn’t score this pump since it’s not truly comparable to the other wearable pumps with the tubing. Yet, it is a pretty discreet pump overall.

Bonus Rating: Portable Pumps with Cups

Portable pumps can be used like a wearable pump if you use hands-free cups. Like the Elvie Stride, a portable pump with cups isn’t technically a discreet wearable option because of the tubing. But they can be a good option, especially if you already have a portable pump but are now looking for a wearable option.

One thing to consider with a portable pump and cups is the cup size. The Elvie Stride is by far the the trimmest. The Freemie and Legendairy Milk collection cups are a little bit bigger, not as discreet as even some of these wearable pumps but that can be an option, too.

Then, remember, you are going to have that tubing with any portable pump converted with hands-free cups. So, that means the weight, sound, and leaking will be really similar no matter what combo you go with.

Which Wearable Pump is the Most Discreet??

Most of these wearable pumps scored very similar but their points came from different categories. So, you have to determine what your deciding factor is.

If sound is the most important thing to you, you might consider the Elvie. (Check out this video about the quietest pumps for more info on why Elvie is the quietest pump around!) Some reasons why sound might be your deciding factor you’re going to be on Zoom meetings so the look doesn’t really matter but the sound matters a lot. Or you are going to see patients while you’re pumping and you want it to be as as unnoticeable as possible.

Maybe sound isn’t as important to you, but the shape or how the pump looks in the bra is the deciding factor for you. You might consider the Willow Go, or the Zomee Fit.

Choose What Works for You

The biggest factor for most people in choosing a discreet wearable pump is really modesty. With a wearable pump, you won’t have nipples coming out so you can pump in public and not be showing skin. That’s really cool! And any of these wearable pumps would fulfill that modesty factor.

Also, one great tip for pumping with a wearable pump: throw on a scarf while you’re pumping! Tie it in a way that it detracts from what’s happening on your breasts. A lot of the times if you don’t say anything, people either don’t notice or don’t say anything.


We hope that more companies continue to make wearable pumps and try to maximize that level of discreetness for mothers. And whenever there’s a new pump, we here at New Little Life will review it!

That’s what we do here! If you want help pumping in the workplace that’s exactly what IBCLC and founder of New Little Life Allison specializes in. She helps moms combine breastfeeding and pumping, specifically at work. Click here to schedule a time to talk with her to see if you’re a good fit for our Pumping for Working Moms Program.

Most Discreet Wearable Pump??