MomCozy Products: An Honest Review

MomCozy products are budget friendly. They advertise being inexpensive alternatives to pricey breast pumps. But are MomCozy products high quality? Read this review for an honest impression of MomCozy!

(This post was originally a video. Check it out, below!)

This review will cover three MomCozy products. So, let’s see if this cheap stuff holds up to some of the other more expensive pumps on the market.

Unimpressive Packaging

Here is the thing with MomCozy, the products received for this review all came unbranded. On the back of the pump, it just says, double electric breast pump, made in China. So far, only one pump from this company has been branded MomCozy.

The packages mostly came bent and crushed. This particular box in my video did get shipped from overseas, but still, looks a little banged up. It’s unmarked, very generic, but if they have stuff that works… do we care that there is not great branding?? You’ll have to decide.

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Double Electric Breast Pump from MomCozy

Let’s talk about their Double Electric Breast Pump and call it the MomCozy Orange, because it’s orange and their products are mostly unbranded. This one is $55 dollars on their website.

Personally, it’s not my favorite. I was able to get some decent max suction on it about 206 mmHg on my home test. The website from this company doesn’t really say what the suction is supposed to be. But, 206 is a decent amount for the average double electric pump.

Features of the MomCozy Orange

The MomCozy orange has a touch screen. This pump is pretty loud. The company claims that this MomCozy double electric pump has 10 suction levels. There is a feature where you can turn it to automatic and it will change modes for you. This little pump goes up to level 16 with its suction.

A USB charger is included with the MomCozy Orange, along with little cushions on the shield set, duck bill valves, back flow protectors, pretty standard equipment.

The MomCozy Orange has four different modes with one of them being that automatic expression indicator. It has a stimulation mode and a massage mode and a regular expression mode.

Average (or Below Average) Pump

Now, some people like the different modes like with the Bella Baby Pump or Eco Moms, so if that is your thing, the MomCozy Orange could work for you. But overall, this is an average, or even below average, breast pump.

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MomCozy Wearable Pump

Next, let’s look at the MomCozy Wearable Pump. This is a blue pump.

Many moms have questions about the MomCozy wearable pump compared to the Elvie. Here is an Instagram video where I compared the two!

This MomCozy wearable pump is $60 compared to a single Elvie which is $200. That is obviously a very big price difference!

MomCozy Wearable Features

The motor is a little bit more bulky than some of the other wearable pumps.

The MomCozy wearable pump does hold quite a bit, 188 mL which is 6 ounces. The silicone shield is a nice flexible material and there are some flange inserts that you can get on their website. There were 17, 19, 21 and 24 mm.

The suction range on the MomCozy wearable was okay. The max suction that I got was 142 mmHg. That is not awesome but the cup size on this pump made is a little bit harder to test, so that number could be a little bit higher.

On their website, this pump did actually have a quote for a max suction listed of 300, but I didn’t get anywhere close to that on my test.

A Very Quiet Pump

It is pretty quiet though and also under 50 decibels. It definitely falls on the bottom half of the quietest breast pumps list.

Unusual Suction Pattern

One thing that I don’t love about this pump is that in massage mode (which has five levels) it has a weird rhythm, some quick and then a long suction.

Some moms might like that and there are other pumps out there that do this as well, so it’s not uncommon, but personally not my favorite. On level 5 of expression mode, it does have a long pull. Some moms really like that.

The MomCozy wearable is a fine little option and definitely cheap, so that’s cool. So if you want a really inexpensive version of a wearable pump, you could get away with this. The conclusion I have come to is that this pump from MomCozy works fine but the Elvie is the Cadillac. I don’t really have any problems with this little pump.

Does Price Outweigh Quality?

Ok, next is the MomCozy Pink, otherwise known on the website as the MomCozy Double Electric Breast Pump Portable Pain Free Declarable.

This pump was $59 and is a very nice size. It is small and lightweight.

The max suction that I got on the MomCozy Pink was 210 mmHg. That is pretty good! In my opinion, this little pump does a fine job.

The MomCozy Pink is a little bit loud when you set it on the table. It came with an interesting silicone flange, which is something I have not seen before, but it is nice for pumping.

The range of this pump during suction is quite small. When I put it on suction level one, to me, it seems like a lot of suction. So I would have to say there isn’t a great low end suction with this pump.

The MomCozy Pink has a very long pull when you turn it up high on the suction setting. If that is what you are looking for, this would be great.

In stimulation mode, there are quick sucks and then an extra long pull. The Baby Budda has a similar suction pattern. If you are interested in learning more about that or seeing that on a graph, you can go and watch the video All About Suction and click on the Baby Budda and it will be a very similar type thing as this pump.

So this pump is quite inexpensive, but works well. It has enough suction to get the job done. It does not have great low suction but I would pull this out for something quick and easy and inexpensive.

Silicone Inserts from MomCozy

The MomCozy silicone cups look similar to the Legendairy Milk, the Spectra Cara Cups and the Freemie Cups.

These from MomCozy look solid and well made. They hold 180 mL which is very common. These cups are made from soft silicone and have a back flow protector and duck bill valve.

You can get the silicone in multiple sizes and they have inserts for them. They have a little spout that seems like it would work great for easy pouring.

If you want to try silicone inserts without breaking the bank, the MomCozy ones are inexpensive so they’d be good for trial run!


MomCozy has a lot of inexpensive products. Are they the best and most high quality brand on the market? No, they are not. But they are cheap and they work. So, you’re looking to try a different kind of pump without breaking the bank, MomCozy might be right for you!

MomCozy Products: An Honest Review