Elvie Pump PROS and CONS

The Elvie pump is a wearable pump. It is one small unit with the pump on top, bottle that catches milk on the bottom and a flange on the back that covers the breast. The Elvie really is an all in one wearable breast pump! It is a great device that has help to revolutionize the pumping world. But there are some cons to this pump, too. So, read on for a comprehensive review of the Elvie pump!

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Many insurances cover the Elvie pump now. Insurance companies typically cover one pump after you have a baby. So hopefully this review will help you decide if this is a good fit for you and your pumping needs!

PROs of the Elvie pump:

  • The Elvie is hands free and cordless. You don’t have to be stuck to a wall outlet. You can put this pump inside your bra and pump anywhere, car, home, work etc.
  • This pump has a wonderful design. It is very light. Along the flange there are guidelines to help you get the nipple alignment right. That is very helpful. The Elvie has a sleek design, it is well made and has a low profile. It does not look super noticeable while you are wearing it.
  • The Elvie has a cool app! The app has a great look. Though it doesn’t actually tell you exactly how much you have pumped, it will give you an estimated amount. You can control the pump on the app. (It also has buttons on the top of the pump that you can control the suction.)

    You can bounce back and forth between stimulation and expression mode, too. The app can help you track your output totals. There are also a lot of tutorial videos on the app that can help answer all your questions. Very cool.
  • This pump is quiet. It is even quieter when it’s on the inside of your clothes. This helps with discreet pumping maybe at work or public place.

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Even More PROs:

  • The Elvie has a gentle suction. This is a unique pump because it actually feels gentle like a baby sucking. Personally, when I first used it, I was worried that it wasn’t suctioning enough to get the milk out. I used it for seven or eight minutes and then it stopped. I pulled it out and found that the milk container was completely full. The pump had auto shutoff because the container was full. This is one of my favorite pump to use because of how it feels.
  • This pump is efficient. I can get milk out just as quickly with this Elvie pump as I can with one of the more traditional pumps like the Spectra or the Medela.

    To fully empty my breasts I did have to stop and pour the milk out mid pump because I was really full. Overall, I think you will be very satisfied with the amount of milk you will be able to get out of the breast with the Elvie pump.
  • The Elvie is packaged with everything you need right out of the box! It comes with two different sizes of flanges (sizes 24 and 28) Two USB chargers are included, which is awesome! The Elvie package comes with lids for the bottle so that you could put it right into the fridge. The bottle is also very easy to pour from into a bottle, bag or whatever you want.
  • This pump has a few different purchasing options. You could purchase a single Elvie pump which would be about half the cost of buying the double pump. Not a lot of other wearable pumps give you that option. Depending on what you have going on in your life, you could get away with one pump.

    I am a stay at home mom and exclusively breastfeeding. One pump works great for me for the times I need to use a pump for a little stash in the freezer or to help if I’m late for a feeding or need to pump for a feeding I’ll miss.

    Now, if you are going back to work or planning on extended periods away from your baby, you will definitely want the double Elvie pump. It would be such a waste of time to pump one side then switch and do the other.

CONS of the Elvie Pump

First of all, please know that there is really not a perfect pump out there that fits everyone’s needs, budget and lifestyle. What works for someone may not work for everyone! Just because a pump get good (or bad!) reviews doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. So, here are some of the cons of the Elvie pump.

  • The Elvie double pump costs around $500. This does cover everything you need to get started so you couldn’t have any extra costs, but that is an expensive pump.

    I was able to get this pump through my insurance with this pregnancy, but I did have to pay a bit more on top of what they covered.
  • There a quite a few little parts associated with the Elvie compared to other pumps. There is a flange, a backflow protector, the pump motor, a valve in the top of the bottle, the plastic top of the bottle and last of all the bottle. Six pieces, not terrible, but you do need to take it apart when you clean it.
  • This pump leaks sometimes. The time it leaked for me when when it got all the way full and the app or pump did not notice that. If you get up and bend over, it will leak. Please be cautious of that if your are planning on being super active, chasing a toddler, working, yoga, whatever!
  • Sometimes the Elvie app is not awesome. The app is listed on the pros, but sometimes it’s a pain. Like I said, one time it did not sense the bottle was full and I leaked, the measurement of amount pumped is not quite accurate, (that can be edited if you want to make it very close)
  • The bottle under the pump only hold 5 ounces (150 mL). Some other pumps have the 8 – 9 ounce bottles for super pumping. It’s also a little bit tricky to see how much milk is in the bottle while you are pumping.
  • You have to be in an upright pumping position while using the Elvie. No laying down with this one!
  • The Elvie has limited flange sizes. It comes with a 24 mm and 28 mm flange which are average sizes for pumps, but you can buy 21mm on the website.


So that is it for the pros and cons for this Elvie pump! Would I buy it? Yes! The pros definitely outweigh the cons. I really enjoy this pump. I like the way that it feels and I like the way that it functions. It is super convenient. This is the pump that I am going to throw in my purse when I am on the go. Elvie gets my stamp of approval!

Elvie Pump PROS and CONS