Spectra Synergy Gold: A Review

The Spectra Synergy Gold is another great pump from Spectra. If you’ve been around New Little Life for awhile, you’ll know that Spectra is a highly recommended and beloved brand! So, let’s delve deeper into the Spectra Synergy Gold!

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Initial Impression of the Spectra Synergy Gold

Right off the bat, I can tell you I LOVE THIS PUMP! I love everything about it EXCEPT the fact that you have to plug it in.

Like the other beloved Spectra, the Synergy Gold has some great features! So, let’s get into it!

Handle and Light

The Spectra Synergy Gold has a handle on the back and it’s very easy to carry.

The light is also in the handle. The light has three different modes and is a very subtle night light for you. A lot of the other Spectra models have that as well.

The Spectra Synergy Gold has Two Motors!

The biggest thing that is new about this pump is that it has two motors. That means you can control the left and right side suction independently. That’s awesome!

Since it does have to be plugged in, you get more power. The suction levels go up clear to 15 on this pump.

(You can watch a video comparing all the Dual-motor Pumps on the market by clicking here!)

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This pump comes with two bottles. The tubing comes with an adapter on the end that is a bit different than the other Spectra Pumps. Plug that adapter into whatever side motor you want to use.

You can use one motor at at time, or both at the same time (because the Spectra Synergy Gold is that cool!)

To get started, push the power button on the bottom and then to start it you click the L (left) or R (right). It does remember the settings that you were on last time you pumped. If you don’t want to use those settings, just clear the settings to zero.

Massage Mode

The first mode you will want is the massage mode to help you stimulate a let down. That is a button with three wavy lines. You can use levels all the way up to 5, and change the cycle speed with the button right in the middle.

Expression Mode

When you feel a let down, you push the wavy button and it will switch you over to expression mode. Again, you can customize where you want that level.

The vacuum level goes all the way up to 15. The website claims that it does 270 mmHg on each side and that was very consistent with my test.

As I was doing some test on the suction level, I found that you do not sacrifice some of the pumps strength when you double pump. I have found with other breast pumps, if they have one motor and you pump on both sides, you loose some of that suction strength. With the Spectra Synergy Gold, I could get max suction on both sides at the same time.

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Pumping Speed Is The Same On Both Sides

When you are pumping both sides, there is no way to customize the cycle speed. This pump will pump both sides at the same speed. The speed is really not a big deal though. The suction level is the most important.

Mute and Light Function

If you don’t like the beeps when you are adjusting your pump, hold the little wavy button down for three seconds. That will turn on the mute function.

The nightlight button is also on the front of the pump.

The controls are very standard and easy to use like on other Spectra pumps, and the only difference is that you have two sets of controls, one for each motor. This is very helpful for having two different vacuum styles for your personal body. You might find one breast needs a bit more suction than the other. This pumps makes it possible to adjust those individually. Which is AWESOME!

With this pump, you do not need to sacrifice motor strength and you can get a lot higher suction at the same time because of those two motors.

Why You Might Need the Spectra Synergy Gold‘s Two Motors (or not!)

These are some situations where you might need a pump with two motors.

  • If you are an exclusive pumper, this would be awesome for you because you will be able to adjust those different sides as you become familiar to what your body needs.

    Please remember, though, that with this pump you are going to be tied to the wall for power. It is going to be awesome for regular pumping, but you might think of having a more portable one as well for the times you can’t be plugged into the wall.
  • If you are a working mom and planning on going back to work this could be a cool option for you if portability is not a factor for you. If you are going to have somewhere private to sit and pump, this would be a great option. This will make the many times you pump go faster. If you need to pump while you work or you need the versatility of a portable pump, then this pump with the dual motors might not be worth it.
  • If you are a stay at home mom who is exclusivity breast feeding your baby, I don’t think you necessarily need a pump with two motors. You probably want something simple, easy to use, portable for times you are out and about, that doesn’t necessarily need to be perfect at emptying you because you are breastfeeding your baby.
  • If this is important to you and your insurance company will cover it and you think it’s cool, then go for it!

Some insurance companies cover the Spectra Synergy Gold. They might partially cover it with upgrade cost to you! Overall, this is a great pump!!

Spectra Synergy Gold: A Review