Spectra vs Luna Motif: Which is Better??

Spectra vs Luna Motif* is a common comparison in the breast pump world. These are both great pumps! And, they are both covered by many insurance plans.

In our Pumping for Working Moms Program, we like to call the Spectra and the Luna Motif “work horse pumps.” These both are the kind of pump that working moms love to use for the best milk removal and day to day use.

Though they are really similar, there are some differences between Spectra vs Luna. Read on for a side-by-side comparison and review!

*As of October 2022, the Luna Motif is NOT the same as it was in this review! An updated video with the details can be found here

(This post was originally a video. Check it out, here!)

Let’s dive right into this review of Spectra vs Luna Motif!

Spectra vs Luna Motif: Appearance

First, the overall shape of these pumps are very different. The Luna is a smaller pump and a little more sleek. It would be easier to fit this pump into your purse.

The Spectra is a little bulkier, has a handle and a bottle holder in the back. Some moms like to put snacks or a drink for themselves in there. Of course, you can use it for an actual bottle holder while you are busy pumping on the other side. That is a nice little feature.

Both of these pumps are double pump capable. Both of these also have a little night light.

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Difference in Weight

The Luna Motif weighs 2 pounds and the Spectra is 2.7 pounds.

While we are talking about the weight, the Luna Motif company just came out with a pump that has a rechargeable battery. That used to be one of the downsides with the Luna when you were comparing it with the Spectra. But now you can get the Luna with a rechargeable battery, which is awesome!

The weight on the Luna with the rechargeable battery is about 2.3 pounds, still just a little lighter than the Spectra.

If you are using this pump at your desk or at home, that is a really small weight difference and will not really matter that much.

Spectra vs. Luna Motif: Settings and Displays

Both of these pumps have double phase expression technology, meaning there are modes that you can switch. You can switch between massage mode and expression mode.

Spectra might have different names for these modes, but they are essentially the same. Massage mode is what you use to stimulate a let down. It is a little bit faster suck. The expression mode is what you use to get the milk out efficiently.

Luna Motif Cycles and Suction

Let’s talk about the Motif Luna. When you turn this on, it is going to start out exactly where you left off the last time you were pumping. The screen on this pump clearly tells you if you are on massage mode or letdown mode. You will start in the massage mode. You can’t adjust the cycle here, but you can adjust the suction level. (That is the same on both pumps.) Once you feel that letdown you can switch it over to the expression mode.

Here is where you can adjust the cycles and the suction. It goes down to 30 cycles and up to 46 cycles. You can also adjust the suction levels really easily. This pumps suction can go all the way up to 12.

The Luna does have a slightly higher MAX suction than the Spectra. Max suction on the Luna is 280 mmHg. (The Spectra is somewhere around 260 – 270 mmHg.) The button close to the suction mode is the night light and it has three changes of brightness. When you turn off the Luna, it will remember right where you left off when you turn it back on. So once you figure out the settings you like, you won’t have to mess around with that much anymore. You will just have to switch between massage or expression. The Luna Motif can be run about 2 hours on a full charge.

Spectra Cycles and Suction

Like the Luna Motif, the Spectra also remembers your last settings. However, unlike the Luna, the Spectra does start out in expression mode. So whenever you start, you are going to have to change it into the massage mode, which is a faster cycle to stimulate that letdown.

Once you feel that letdown, you can easily change it over to expression mode. The cycle speed on this pump does go up a little bit higher, which means it is a little bit faster cycle. That is not a drastic difference, but a difference nonetheless. The max suction is also 12 on the screen, however, the specs on this pump indicate that it is a bit less than the Luna Motif.

The night light on this Spectra pump is a little bit brighter if that is important to you. This pump does not have a clear sign on the display to tell you if you are in massage or expression mode, but there are some little wavy dots that indicate what mode you are in.

Difference in Sound

If you watch the video, you will be able to hear the difference of the pumps sounds. You will be able to tell that they have a very similar sound. These are very similar pumps!

Parts and Supplies

They are also both closed systems pumps, meaning that they require a backflow protecter and the end of the tubing to protect against milk getting past the flange and into the tubing then into the pump.

The flanges, duckbills and back flow protectors are all interchangeable between the Luna and the Spectra. They are exactly the same. So if you have had a Spectra in the past and maybe you are having your second baby and you want to try the Luna Motif, the interchangeable parts are an awesome feature because you can use your existing parts! That also means that it’s pretty easy to get replacement parts for the Motif Luna and the Spectra.

Both of these pumps send bottles and nipples in the box. You can also reorder supplies like these from your insurance companies. So, if you get either of these pumps through your insurance company, they will send you replacement parts.

Spectra vs Luna Motif: WHICH ONE?

So there you have it. These are the differences of the Luna by Motif and the Spectra One. These are both great pumps!

They do have a few subtle differences AND EVEN MORE NOW SINCE THE PUMP HAS BEEN UPDATED IN SEPTEMBER 2022. The Luna Motif is NOT the same pump as it used to be, although still a fine option. (watch this video for more information on the update)

They are not portable like some of the small ones, but these pumps have better suction, they remove milk really well and you just can’t go wrong with either of these two pumps. If you plan on pumping a lot, going back to work or exclusively pumping, either of these two will be excellent options for you! And, if you’re looking for help and support in meeting your breastfeeding or pumping goals when returning to work, check out the Pumping for Working Moms Program.

Whether you choose the Spectra or the Luna Motif, we can help you make an individualized pumping plan inside our program. Book a consultation call to see if the Pumping for Working Moms Program is right for you!

Spectra vs Luna Motif: Which is Better??