Leaking Breastmilk? What are the BEST products to help?

Whether you’re new to breastfeeding, or are a seasoned pro, you might be leaking breastmilk! Leaking breastmilk is really common, especially when you are first establishing your supply. But what is the best way to contain leaking breastmilk? This blog post will cover some of the best products to help with leaking breastmilk!

(This post was originally a video. Check it out, below!)

Contain Leaking Breastmilk with Breast Pads

The first and most obvious solution for leaking breastmilk is using breast pads. These are pads that you just stick right in your bra and they catch any milk that is leaking.

There are a couple of options here, disposable or reusable breast pads.

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Disposable Breast Pads

First, there are disposable breast pads. These come in little packages. They catch the milk and have little tabs on the back that stick to your bra so that it doesn’t move. When you use these, it can kinda feel like putting a diaper on your boob… so that is a con. On the other hand, a pro would be that these are disposable and as soon as you are done, you can just throw them away.

Reusable Breast Pads

Personally, I preferred reusable breast pads. They are more comfortable and less irritating on your skin and nipples.

The outside of a reusable breast pad is made of a waterproof material usually called PUL. There are also some wool ones, but those are a bit bulky. This material is meant to hold in the liquid. I like to put the wicking layer on the inside so that it wicks the moisture away from your skin. Inside the pad are five layers of absorbent fabric that will catch and absorb the milk.

Reusable pads are really easy to throw into your laundry pile and wash up on laundry day. It’s just milk inside, so there is no need to rinse it out like you would a cloth diaper. I love that you can reuse them and they come in the cutest patterns and colors!

As mentioned above, reusable breast pads are made in so many fun patterns. These are really easy to make also, as well! Check out this link for a video tutorial of DIY reusable breast pads! I have made a bunch of these given them away as gifts to clients, friends and anyone who might be needing them.

Catch Your Leaking Breastmilk with a Milk Saver!

Another option to catch leaking breastmilk is a milk saver. Lots of companies have come out with milk savers, the one used in this review was from Medela.

How to Put on a Milk Saver

A milk saver goes right inside your bra with your nipple inside the opening. These work well on the free breast while you are feeding on the other breast.

There are little holes on these milk catchers, put them on with the holes at the top and not the bottom. Also, be careful not to bend over with a milk catcher full of milk in your bra, or the milk will leak out those holes.

Unlike a breast pad, you probably couldn’t wear these all the time because they are a little bit bulky. You would definitely see a milk saver in your bra if you wore it out and about, whereas a pad would be very discreet.

This is a great way to save your leaking breastmilk!

Milk Savers are Good for Sore Nipples

Also, if you have cracked, bleeding or sore nipples, this is a great product to use! You can wear it and stick your sore nipple in the hole and nothing is going to rub against it. That can feel really good when you are experiencing this issue.

Save Leaking Breastmilk with a Haakaa Pump

Another super cool way to deal with leaking milk is to use a Haakaa Pump.

Click this link to watch a video all about the Haakaa Pump!

The Haakaa is a silicone breast hand pump that you can wear on one breast while you are feeding your baby on the other. It will catch that letdown milk and any leaking that happens while your baby is latched on the other breast.

Besides catching milk, the Haakaa also applies some suction and it’s pulling a bit of milk from the breast. Though it will not empty your breast like an electric pump would, the Haakaa is going to pull out some extra milk and can give you one to four ounces.

If you use a Haakaa with every feeding, you could potentially catch up to 20 ounces a day. You can store this milk in your fridge or freezer to use when you need to go out and are not there to nurse. It is going to be mostly foremilk since it’s not emptying your breast, but still it’s a cool way to deal with leaking milk.


Leaking breastmilk can be inconvenient but there are lots of ways to contain leaking breastmilk! Whether you choose to use pads to absorb leaking milk, or try to save that milk with a saver or a Haakaa pump, there are products to help make leaking breastmilk a more manageable!

Leaking Breastmilk? What are the BEST products to help?