Super Genie from Pumpables: A Review

Super Genie is a newer pump from Pumpables. This pump has a lot of cool features! It has an app, bluetooth capabilities, USB charging, and lots of different plug styles, which is great for international users, to name just a few of the features! In this post, we’ll dive deep into these features, and more, and honestly, it’s a pretty glowing review. Read on to judge for yourself!

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Super Genie First Impression

Let’s dive into the Pumpables Super Genie pump. The first thing you may notice about this pump when you open it up is how well it was packaged. It’s like opening an Apple device. It is sleek and beautiful. The screen comes with an overlay that protects it during shipping. There are also printed instructions that give you a quick guide to the pump, like where all the buttons are, what they do, etc.

This pump is very similar to the Spectra. The Spectra is definitely bigger. They share a lot of the same features like a nightlight, (the Super Genie has three different nightlight modes), a handle (the handle on the Super Genie folds down) and a battery.

The back of the Super Genie has a charging port and a place where you can single pump or double pump.

Smart Features

Customizable Settings

This is a smart pump and you can actually use it with an app on your phone. They have set modes in the app, so if you want a default program you can do that.

You can also program your own settings. That is pretty cool!

There are programmed settings for power pumping, regular pumping session and another one that varies quite a bit.

You can adjust the cycle speed on stimulation mode which is cool because not a lot of pumps let you do that. A higher cycle in stimulation modes helps stimulate that milk to come down. As soon as you feel a let down, you can switch it over into expression mode.

Again, you can change up the cycle speeds in expression mode. You can actually get a pretty high vacuum on a lower cycle speed. It’s really quite fun to change up the vacuum speeds and different modes.

You can really make this pump do exactly what you need or want.

Default Settings

If you are one of those people that just like to pick a program and go with that, this also works for you. The programs are very simple and easy to use. You go into programs and push manual to customize or you can go into the default program and the pump will adjust from stimulation mode to expression mode for you.

There is a letdown button at the top to help with the change over. If this all seems a little confusing, there is also a tutorial program for you that will walk you through one thing at a time for using this pump. The app doesn’t have tons of features which makes it pretty simple to use.

Using the Physical Buttons on Your Super Genie Pump

You can also do all these programs right on your pump. If technology and bluetooth really isn’t your thing, you can just do it right on the pump.

There is a little P on the Super Genie that is going to allow you to program your pumping sessions. It is very easy to do.

The Super Genie pump will also record your session so you can return to it and you don’t have to set up the program again.

You can tap the power button if you need to pause or take a break. Then hit it again to resume. It times the pumping session which is great.

The screen also tells you your battery life and what mode you are in. There is a lot that you can do with this pump!

Super Genie Suction Level

Next, let’s look at a couple of extra specs on this pump. The manual claims that the vacuum ranges from 15 to 330 mmHG. That is quite a large range!

Watch All About Suction to learn more about what you might need in that area. For the Super Genie, the Boobie Barometer measured 300 mmHG max suction.

You might lose a little bit of suction power using the battery and that is typically true about all pumps.

In the manual it says you can change the cycle speeds in stimulation and expression modes on the Super Genie. This is cool because it is not common to find a pump that lets you adjust these speeds in the stimulation or first mode when you are trying to stimulate that letdown.

Weight of the Super Genie

The net weight of the Super Genie pump is 1.12 Kilograms or 2.6 pounds. This isn’t the lightest pump. It definitely has some weight to it. It’s small and you are probably going to be using it at home at a desk or on a nightstand. The nightlight feature is great and it’s small enough to put into a purse which is awesome.

This company does make a small portable pump called the Genie Advanced. It has some of these same features. Check out the video about the Genie Advanced, here.

Charging Info

The Super Genie takes about four hours to charge. The battery life is about 2.8 hours.

The motor life is 500 hours. That is also consistent with other pumps and honestly plenty of longevity. You could pump for three hours a day, five or six times a day for a year and still have some life on your motor. If you are an exclusive pumper, you could definitely use the Super Genie as your primary pump for a whole year.

Plug Styles

Another cool feature is that the charging unit that come with this pump came with a few different plugs which is great for anyone living internationally! There was the standard US one, an Asian adapter and the European which is so great. There was also a UK plug included. All of these plugs come standard with the Super Genie! They are really easy to switch out.

It’s amazing when companies think of little features that make using their product easier, such as that overlay chart that came on the screen to tell you how to use it, and including multiple power adapters, etc. It really is the little things that count!

Noise Level

The manual says that the noise of the Super Genie is less than 50 DB. This is pretty quiet pump. It would fall lower on our list of quiet pumps out there.

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What’s Included with the Super Genie

In the Super Genie package, you get the Pumpables Super Genie pump, the chargers and two liquid shield kits.

This video that walks you through the liquid shield kits. It’s an important video to watch because the liquid shield kits are different than flanges for other pumps.

Since the Super Genie has a closed system, the pump comes with a backflow protector.

Setting Up the Super Genie

Set up was pretty easy and clean up was simple, too! The tubing is standard so you can use whatever flange kit you want to or are comfortable with, it doesn’t matter.

This kit is interesting because it uses a flange insert in the shield part. The soft plastic material they used on the part that touches the breast is nice. There is extra space between this insert and the flange shield. When it’s pumping it’s like a baby suckling your nipple. It’s really cool!


The cost of this pump is about $200. Occasionally, insurance will have the Super Genie as an option for a breast pump they will cover, definitely check on that. Even if you are buying it outright, this is a great option for you! We have no problems with this pump, in fact we have nothing bad to say about it at all! The Super Genie from Pumpables is a solid, smart, user friendly pump.

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Hope this was helpful! Happy pumping!!

Super Genie from Pumpables: A Review