Liquid Shield Kit: Comfortable Pumping

Let’s set the scene. You sit down to pump, pull out all of your supplies, connect each piece to the pump, and then gear yourself up to attach the flanges. Flanges can be so uncomfortable, right? Hard plastic rubbing against your sensitive nipples, no thanks! A few companies, like Pumpables have set out to make pumping more comfortable with new products like the Liquid Shield Kit! But does it actually make pumping more comfortable?? Read on for my review!

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What is the Liquid Shield Kit from Pumpables?

The Liquid Shield Kit from Pumpables is a silicone insert for your flange. Pumpables has a few breast pumps of their own, but you can actually use this insert with a lot of different brands of pumps!

How does it work?

The unique thing about this Liquid Shield Kit is that it doesn’t put a hard ring of pressure right around your nipple (which can hurt after awhile!) Instead, it is an insert into the flange that has a very large opening. When your nipple is in the liquid shield, and then the suction comes, the soft insert massages and pulls on the whole nipple. You don’t have that hard ring that is just sitting on the breast and tugging in one specific place. There is much more even pressure and compression, similar to a baby.

What does the Liquid Shield Kit feel like?

The Liquid Shield Kit is a frosted silicone insert in your flange which will be around the part that is in direct contact with the skin. This silicone reduces friction which makes it much more comfortable for you!

Can it really mimic the suction of a baby?

Pumpables claims that the Liquid Shield Kit mimics the suction of a baby. In my experience, these feel way more similar to a baby than a regular hard flange. A baby’s latch is asymmetrical and a traditional flange is very symmetrical. The silicone insert creates asymmetry when inserted into the flange so it more closely resembles a baby’s latch! You can learn more about this suction works in this video here.


Pumping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable! There are lots of products out there to help make pumping a smoother process, like the Liquid Shield Kit from Pumpables! Use this link and the code NEWLITTLELIFE for a discount!

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Liquid Shield Kit: Comfortable Pumping