LacTeck BabyMotion Flange: Comfortable Pumping

Let’s set the scene. You sit down to pump, pull out all of your supplies, connect each piece to the pump, and then gear yourself up to attach the flanges. Flanges can be so uncomfortable, right? Hard plastic rubbing against your sensitive nipples, no thanks! A few companies have set out to make pumping more comfortable. LacTeck is one of those companies! The LacTeck flange is a new kind of flange to cushion your pumping experience. But does it actually make pumping more comfortable?? Read on for my review!

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What is the LacTeck BabyMotion flange?

The LacTeck flange is a tough and hefty silicone that’s still flexible. It’s a new flange that would replace the flange your pump originally comes with.

How does it work?

Along the bottom of the flange there is a section that is thinner silicone which massages your nipple when the suction comes while you are pumping. This is supposed to mimic the motions a baby would use when latched to the breast so the idea is that this flange helps your pumping by being closer to the feeling of a baby.

LacTeck describes the flange like this: “BabyMotion Flange is developed based on biomechanical studies of nursing babies. It compresses the nipple and areola during pumping to maximize milk expression, like a baby.”

Why would you choose to use the LacTeck flange?

A lot of moms have said that these are very comfortable! The silicone has a frosted covering which is really smooth against the skin which is better than the regular sticky feel of other silicone flanges out there. The tubes that surround the nipple are clear, which is a nice feature as well. These flanges also hook onto any type of pumps that allow the top part of the pump to come off.


Pumping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable! There are lots of products out there to help make pumping a smoother process, like the LacTeck BabyMotion Flange! Use this link and the code NEWLITTLELIFE222 for a discount!

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LacTeck BabyMotion Flange: Comfortable Pumping