PumpinPals: Comfortable Pumping

Let’s set the scene. You sit down to pump, pull out all of your supplies, connect each piece to the pump, and then gear yourself up to attach the flanges. Flanges can be so uncomfortable, right? Hard plastic rubbing against your sensitive nipples, no thanks! A few companies have set out to make pumping more comfortable. PumpinPals is one of those companies! But do they actually make pumping more comfortable?? Read on for my review!

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What is PumpinPals?

Used as a replacement for the flanges that come with your breast pump, PumpinPals is a new kind of angled flange. These flanges are compatible with many major breast pumps!

Why would I use PumpinPals?

PumpinPals is often recommended for moms with elastic nipples. Elastic nipples mean the nipple on a woman’s breast gets very elastic while pumping and becomes really elongated. The breast tissue has a lot of elasticity and is coming down a long long way. This can cause problems with a traditional flange because the nipple can hit the back of the flange which is pretty uncomfortable! You can imagine what that might feel like.

What do PumpinPals look like/feel like?

PumpinPals has a longer tunnel and are also quite a different shape than a regular flange. On a traditional flange, the shape of the hole where your breast goes is very circular, centered, and ridged so when you are pumping with the breast there is even pressure all the way around the circle. The idea with the PumpinPals is that there is an angle when you place it on the breast so that the pressure on the breast is spread out instead of a specific ring of pressure around the nipple.

What size should I get?

These don’t have specific sizes. With other breast shields, you get a size like 17 mm or 21 mm or 28 mm etc. PumpinPals doesn’t have sizes like that because of the shape and angle of the flange. Sizes come in extra small, small, medium, large and extra large.

  • Extra Small: 15-19mm
  • Small: 20-23mm
  • Medium: 24-27mm
  • Large: 26-30mm
  • Extra Large: 30-40mm

So you don’t need an exact measurement, an approximate measurement will be good enough to know which kind to use.

How can I use PumpinPals?

You can pump with them angles upward or downward or sideways. Whatever works for you! You can even lay back a little bit more if you want recline while pumping. That is a nice feature! The extra small and small are make from a squishy silicone which is really nice. They have some groves in them. The medium, large and extra large are made from a hard silicone, but they have that same shape and angle to make it really comfortable. It does come with a little adapter so that you can just hook them to any flange that allows you to take off the shield part. PumpinPals are pretty cool!


Pumping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable! There are lots of products out there to help make pumping a smoother process, like PumpinPals flanges! Use this link and the code NEWLITTLELIFE for a discount!

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PumpinPals: Comfortable Pumping