BeauGen Cushions: Comfortable Pumping

Let’s set the scene. You sit down to pump, pull out all of your supplies, connect each piece to the pump, and then gear yourself up to attach the flanges. Flanges can be so uncomfortable, right? Hard plastic rubbing against your sensitive nipples, no thanks! A few companies have set out to make pumping more comfortable. BeauGen is one of those companies! The BeauGen Pump Cushions are designed to fit inside your flanges and cushion your pumping experience. But do they actually make pumping more comfortable?? Read on for my review!

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Comfortable Pumping

BeauGen is designed for comfortable pumping and to help adjust the fit of your flange. They are made from a really soft, stretchy, comfortable silicone. The idea is that it is so soft and stretchy that it’s kind of sticky to the breast. When you place the flange on the breast, the Beaugen cushion moves together with it so that your skin is not actually rubbing against the hard plastic flange. That is a really cool idea!

Better Flange Fit

The BeauGen cushions can help you adjust the fit of your flange. These cushions run about a millimeter thick. So if you are not a standard 17 mm, 19 mm, 21 mm or 24 mm size this product can help you size a little bit better. Even if your nipples fit in a standard size flange, the BeauGen cushions can add comfort! It will protect your skin from the flange part and create a nice barrier.

Hacks for Nonstandard Sizes

The founder of BeauGen shared quite a few hacks with me recently on how to best utilize these cushions, especially if you’re not a standard size! She does say that the BeauGen cushions work best for women whose size falls between 19-26 mm. Now, if you are a 17 mm person and really want to have this product in your life, you can get away with it by doing this hack where you fold down the BeauGen cushion so that it’s doubled up the size that will be around your nipple. If you are more of a 26 mm or above you can train the cushions by stretching them over the end of the flange.

Ways to use BeauGen cushions

You can also use this product with wearable pumps like the Elvie and Willow. I really like pumping with these cushions with my Elvie. The Elvie is already pretty comfortable, but the smallest size on the Elvie is 21mm and I am a bit smaller than that, so the BeauGen cushions make it perfect for me.

Fitting the BeauGen cushions into your flanges is very easy! They are simple to wash, too. Replace BeauGen cushions ever 6-8 weeks depending on how much you pump.


Pumping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable! There are lots of products out there to help make pumping a smoother process, like the BeauGen cushions! Use this link here and add the code NEWLITTLELIFE for 10% off BeauGen!

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