Genie Advanced Portable Breast Pump Review

The Genie Advanced is a portable breast pump from Pumpables. Portable versions of bigger pumps are interesting to check out to see what things they are able to keep and what things they have to leave out due to the portable size. So, let’s test all of the features of the Genie Advanced and see how it measures up!

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Set Up

The Genie Advanced pump comes packaged very well! When you first open the package, there is an overlay on the pump that gives you a brief explanation on all of the buttons and what they do. They also included a contact email for you in case you need help using the pump. That is so cool! Why aren’t all pumps doing that?? You can literally pull this pump out and just get started right away!

The Genie Advanced comes with an awesome charger. It has a USB charger which is great, but it also comes with multiple adapters for international use which makes it very versatile.

Hands Free Capability

One of the best features a portable pump can have is a lanyard or clip to make it hands-free. The Genie Advanced has both! The lanyard makes it so you can wear the pump around your neck, put the flanges on the breast then be hands-free. It’s a really nice lanyard that you can cinch up to any size. The clip is on the back which is handy. You can clip it on your pants for another way to be hands free.


On the bottom you have your charging port and also a port for single or double pumping. There is a button on the side with a “P” on it. That is the button used to set your programing.

You can come up with the settings and the styles that you like and then put it into a program so you don’t have to remember to input your settings every time. The bigger version of this pump has bluetooth and an app that goes with it. The Genie Advanced does not, but the programming feature works very well!

The Genie Advanced starts out in stimulation mode. You can go up to level 10 in stimulation mode. That is a lot of variation in stimulation mode, especially for a smaller pump!

It is very easy to switch into expression mode. There are three cycle speeds, and then the expression levels go all the way from level 1 vacuum to level 10. You can hear the cycles per minute slow down with the higher levels of vacuum pressure. That is very normal, especially for small pumps. Even the bigger pumps slow down as you increase the vacuum pressure.

Speed and Suction

If you need more information on suction, you can watch my video “All About Suction”. This video covers why suction is important and what all the levels and numbers of different settings mean.

Pumpables claims that the vacuum range on the Genie Advanced is from 150-330 mmHG. This is actually the same range that the Super Genie, the bigger pump from Pumpables, claims.

The Boobie Barometer didn’t quite get 330 on our testing, but we didn’t test all the modes. However, the boobie barometer was able to get near 300, while single pumping and plugged in, which is hefty for a little pump like the Genie Advanced! You are going to loose a little with double pumping but that is not unique with this pump. It happens with all pumps.

The cycle speed in massage mode, which is stimulation/letdown mode, mode is 70. You don’t get to change that. That is very consistent with the smaller pumps.

The cycle speed range in expression mode is 24 to 70. Some of that you can adjust with the vacuum, like mentioned before, but you can also adjust speed with those three cycle adjustments. You won’t actually get to see the number on the pump with all these adjustments, but you really don’t need to. You need to find exactly what works best for you and then the programming will remember it all for you. The fact that you can even adjust it on the Genie Advanced is very cool!

Other Info

The Genie Advanced is not the lightest pump or the smallest that I’ve ever used, the Baby Buddah wins that contest, but this pump isn’t so heavy or big that you won’t feel comfortable wearing it around your neck or clipped to your pants.

There is a two year warranty on the Genie Advanced. The battery life is about three hours which is consistent with other portable pumps. It takes 4 1/2 hours to charge.

The motor life is 500 hours, which again is very common with other pumps. That should be plenty of hours. If you are a pumping mom and pumping five or six times a day, this should last you over a year.

The Genie Advanced is a very quiet pump! Pumpables says it is less than 45 decibels. This would fall very low on my list of loudest pumps. This video compares pumps by how loud and quiet they are. The Genie Advanced would fall quite low!

Flanges and Extra Supplies

Included in your purchase of the Genie Advanced, besides the pump and chargers/adapters, are two liquid shield systems. These are really cool! They are a soft silicone insert for your flanges.

Here is a whole video that shows you about these liquid shield flanges and bottles. There is a lot of extra space between the soft silicone and the hard silicone on the flange. It is also all one piece.

The valve is actually connected to the flange which is unique. There is also a frosted section on the flange for some extra comfort. It feels nice on the skin. The flange then fits inside the bottle catcher neck. It has the ability to move and give a fluid motion somewhat like a baby.

The tubing for these flanges and bottles is very standard and would work with any pump, except with the Medela pumps. They are doing their own thing.

Final Thoughts

The Genie Advanced feels the most like an actual baby and is the most comfortable feeling of pumping that we have experienced! It is a great pump!


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Hope this was helpful! Happy pumping!!

Genie Advanced Portable Breast Pump Review