Inexpensive Breast Pumps: My Top 5 Pumps under $100!

Insurance companies should cover most of the expense of a breast pump but sometimes they don’t. Sometimes you need an inexpensive breast pump as a back up. If you’re on a tight budget you can still find a great pump. Here’s my top five favorite inexpensive breast pumps under $100!

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#5 Medela Manual Pump (or similar hand pump)

The Medela Manual Pump (or other similar hand pump) is one of my favorite inexpensive breast pumps! This pump runs between $15-30! This is NOT an electric pump, you have to manually pump with your hand on the handle. Here are some of my favorite things about this pump:

  • It’s a very inexpensive breast pump!
  • It is cordless. (No electric stuff and no worrying about charging)
  • It’s small. You can throw this in your purse.
  • It’s easy. Manual pumps like the Medela have both the massage mode and the expression mode. (Massage mode to stimulate the breast to letdown and express mode to pump the milk from the breast)
  • It gives you more control than an electric pump. You get to control your suction with the touch of your hand.
  • It might give you a better output. Some moms say that they get better output with a manual pump.

#4 Lansinoh

The Lansinoh is a pretty small pump which is nice. It costs about $80 (It goes on sale frequently!) and comes with all the parts that you need. I really like the style of the flanges come with it. They are soft on the end. This pump is a closed system with a backflow protector in the top. The bottles and parts for this pump are very easy to find and Lansinoh also makes a hand pump so that would make the bottles and parts interchangeable and very convenient.

One thing I don’t love about this pump is that it is not rechargeable. It has to be plugged in to use it. Another drawback is that although it has plenty of options (A massage mode and three cycle speeds for expression mode which you can adjust the suction) it is loud.

#3 MomCozy Hands Free Pump

The MomCozy Hands Free Pump is similar to the Willow and the Elvie because it goes right in the bra. This will allow you to be totally hands free!

There is a motor on top so it’s not as sleek or discreet as those other two more expensive pumps, but it is a hands free option. This pump costs around $60-70.

Please be aware that you only get one. If you are working and/or exclusively pumping and need to get milk pumped at the same time on both sides, you may consider buying two.

This pump does not have a ton of customization options. The suction style is a bit different, but gets the job done. This is a great pump for occasional pumping, but if you want to pump a lot there might be better options for you.

#2 BellaBaby

The BellaBaby is a good, inexpensive option! It is rechargeable as well as small and quiet.

This could be good and bad, but this pump has a ton of options. If you have never used a pump before, that could be overwhelming. If you like a lot of styles and options, this might be just for you.

The BellaBaby also comes with some cool stuff. You get bottles, a backflow protector, and a cushion on the flanges (this is for comfortable pumping, but it can be removed if you don’t like how it feels.)

It also comes with an adapter so that you can pump right into bags, and a few bags are included! It’s usually about $75!

#1 Eccomum

My #1 favorite of all inexpensive breast pumps under $100 is the Eccomum! It is almost exactly the same as the BellaBaby with all the same features and accessories, an adapter for bag pumping, bags, bottles, flange with cushion, and backflow protector. But, the reason it’s #1 is because of the circle shape of the pump! The circle shape makes it more convenient to use and it’s just cute. This pump is also rechargeable which is awesome.

The Eccomum has four different modes that you can use, two on the massage mode and two on the expression mode. You can go up to level 9 on expression mode! It has the right amount of options for what you need. It won’t overwhelm you. It’s tiny and so cute!

Honorable Mention

Here’s a shoutout the Haakaa pump. It’s not on the top five list because it is not a traditional pump. It is not going to empty the breast. But, it is good for for catching letdown and a little bit extra milk. For example, if your baby has slept a little extra and your breasts are really full, you can use the Haakaa to relieve some of that discomfort without doing a full pumping session in case they want to eat right after they wake up.

The Haakaa is one of the least expensive of all the inexpensive pumps! $15 or less.

A word of caution, you don’t want to overuse the Haakaa. You don’t need to use it every time you breastfeed because you could actually cause an oversupply of milk.

It’s great to have around in case you need to express a little bit of milk!


I hope that helps and gives you some inexpensive breast pumps to check out. If you want help choosing a breast pump or want to chat with other moms that are using pumps, head over to my Facebook group! Myself as well as tons of other moms are over there. We would love to help you! It’s an awesome group!

Inexpensive Breast Pumps: My Top 5 Pumps under $100!