Order a FREE Breast Pump through Aeroflow!

Did you know that you can order a breast pump for free using your insurance? This post will walk you through that process using a company called Aeroflow Breastpumps.

How to order a breast pump using Aeroflow

  • Then, this link should take you to the Qualify Through Your Insurance tab. You will need to fill out some personal information like your e-mail, your due date (or your baby’s birthdate if you have already delivered), your address etc. Be sure to include your state because it will bring up the insurance options for your specific area.
  • Next, choose your insurance from the list and it will ask for your member ID. Then hit SUBMIT.
  • Finally, after you submit you will get a screen saying “Thanks for your information! A breastfeeding specialist will contact you shortly.” This is really helpful because they will contact you and be able to tell you exactly what you qualify for through your specific insurance. The specialists reach out quickly so it’s a fast turnaround!
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Want to Talk to Someone Immediately?

You can call the number on the top of the website from the very start. The specialists will walk you through the whole process.

Prescription or No Prescription?

Some insurances don’t require a prescription! But, if you find out your insurance company DOES require a prescription, Aeroflow can actually fax a prescription request for you to your doctor. Aeroflow will also bill your insurance.

Insurance Eligibility

In the Resources section you’ll find the different insurance companies Aeroflow goes through, including what Medicaid coverage Aeroflow offers.

What If I Don’t Know What Kind of Pump to Get?

Aeroflow has a chart to compare the different kinds of breast pumps available. Moms tend to look at the chart to find out which pump has the highest suction (mmHg), but please know that is not the only thing to consider! It is NOT most effective to crank your pump to the highest level. More suction does NOT equal more milk. Take that into consideration!

If you want more information on any of these pumps, check out my Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook page. I have tons of reviews and comparison videos there for you to help in the process of choosing the best pump to fit your needs!

Okay, I’ve Decided Which Pump I Want, What’s Next?

Great job! Now, go back to the Shop tab. There are some great accessories for you! There are some wonderful coolers and bottles there if you are planning on going back to work or if you are going to be out and about with your pump. They come with some nice ice packs, too, that are very handy.

Aeroflow also has some breast pumps bags to carry your whole unit. These come in all different styles like backpack or purse or duffle. The wet and dry bags are great! If you are out and pumping, when you are done you just rinse the components and put them in this wet bag to wash better later. This is a must have! There is a great bag there that keeps the breast pump on the side for easy access. That side access is definitely a great thing to have.

Extra Supplies, Storage Options, and Other Products?

Aeroflow’s shop has tons of products like extra pumping supplies, storage options, and compression apparel which you can sometimes get through your insurance as well.

Do I Need A Manual Breast Pump?

You might be wondering why you need a manual pump if you are getting an electric pump. Well, sometimes a manual pump is all that you need! Sometimes you just need a little relief on one side or you are in a place that it doesn’t work to bring your pump. A manual pump gives you many different options.

Some moms say that they get more milk from a manual pump because you have so much more control over the milk flow. Some insurances will qualify you to get one for free, but even without insurance it is worth it to get one. Manual pumps are inexpensive.

What Happens After My Baby Is Born?

Once you get your breast pump, about 60-90 days after your baby is born Aeroflow will e-mail you and ask you if you need more supplies. They can help you reorders of pump supplies, milk bags, etc. set up and processed through your insurance.

It’s Really that Easy!

Aeroflow makes it really easy to see all the options that you qualify for. One of Aeroflow’s best features is that a breastfeeding specialist contacts you personally to see what your specific insurance will cover, what your needs are and help answer questions. Thanks for reading! Remember, if you use the Aeroflow links in this blog, you can help out my small business with no extra cost to you!

Order a FREE Breast Pump through Aeroflow!