Top 3 Breast Pumps for Working Moms

If you’re a breastfeeding mom planning to go back to work, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which pump to get!

I get this question a lot. I actually created a Facebook page specifically designed to help moms choose the right pump that is best for them. Unfortunately, there is not a one size fits all breast pump for everyone. But lets talk about my top three recommendations depending on the style of pump you are looking for, your needs, and your budget.

If you prefer to watch rather than read, this blog post is also a video! Otherwise, continue on 🙂

Solid, standard breast pump

My top recommendation is the Spectra 1. This is a really solid breast pump. You know it’s going to work, be convenient, and easy to find replacement parts.

The Spectra 2 is exactly the same, it is pink, but does not have a rechargeable battery. You might not think a rechargeable battery is a big deal because you are going to be sitting at your desk, but you will be surprised how often you wish you could be unplugged from a wall. Trust me. You might not have an outlet where your work provides a place to pump and even at home it’s annoying to have to sit next to an outlet. The rechargeable battery makes it possible to be doing dishes and pumping or moving into different rooms. I highly recommend the Spectra 1 that is rechargeable.

You can get away with one that does not have a battery option, especially if that is the option offered through your insurance company, but I feel it’s worth the effort to get the rechargeable pump.

Another option is the Luna Motif which is another favorite of mine. I have a video comparing these two pumps which I’ll post below for you. Both of these pumps are just solid, workhorse pumps that are going to do the job for you. They are going to last you a year, maybe even two, depending how much you are going to be pumping. Awesome recommendation!

A Wearable Pump Option

My recommendation for a working mom is going to be the Willow or the Elvie. These are expensive pumps. You can definitely get by with something like the Spectra that your insurance covers for you if you need to do that.

The nice thing about these pumps is that they are so convenient. They are very nice especially if you are trying to pump discreetly at work. You can pop the pump into your bra, pump, and take it out.

If you are wanting a wearable pump for work, I would NOT recommend the Freemie, only because you have to deal with tubing and it is super annoying. If you are on a tight budget and this is what you choose to get, it will work, but it’s less discreet for at work pumping. You could run the tube inside or outside of your shirt, so it’s workable, just an extra step to plan on.

These wearable pumps are great for pumping in the car on your commute, or whenever or wherever you need to pump. If you budget allows, these are super cool!

There are pros and cons to both of these pumps. One is quieter. One is more mobile. One of these has a sleeker design for under the clothes. These are both about $500 and I have a video comparing these two if you’re struggling to decide between the two!

Lastly, lets think about a smaller, portable pump. My recommendation for working moms would be the Medela Freestyle Flex. I really like this pump for several reasons.

  • It is very quiet (surprisingly quiet)
  • It is also rechargeable
  • It has a new style of flange that is great. It is comfortable and well made.
  • It is a new pump from Medela
  • It is a closed system pump (no milk gets into the tubing). The other pumps from Medela are open system.
  • It comes with a great bag to keep all your pumping supplies and pump and a cooler (for four bottles) or cooler ( for six bottles)! That’s awesome! It also comes with a freezer ice pack.
  • Parts are very easy to find for Medela pumps.

I have a video available about the Medela Freestyle Flex if you want to check that our and learn more about this little beauty. If you are looking for a small portable pump, this would be a great one for you.

Bonus/Honorable Mention

In my opinion, working moms should always have a manual pump too! In various Facebook groups, I see a lot of times mom’s forget their pump at home and can’t get to it, or forgot the charger or some other mishap. It’s mom brain, you’re busy. I get it. So get yourself a manual pump and leave it in you car or at work as a backup. This would not be fun pumping all day long, one side at a time, but it’s better than nothing.

I would recommend a hand pump in the same brand as your normal pump so that all the parts could be interchangeable. Lansinoh makes one, Spectra makes one, Advent, Philip, Medela and of course, the classic Haakaa (although the Haakaa is NOT a great pump for full, effective milk removal).

If you have any questions, head over to the Facebook group or check out my other videos on lots of other pump options for you! You can also find me on Instagram, my Website or my new Podcasts.

Happy Pumping!