Legendairy Milk Cups

Hi everyone! It’s Allison here with New Little Life. I’m a mom of 3 and an IBCLC. I just got the new Legendairy Milk cups in the mail and I’m so excited to talk with you about them.

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I showed them to you in an IGTVideo on Instagram, it’s linked below! It’s the same information as you’ll find in this post, but if you prefer to read about them instead, continue on 🙂

You can also find a video comparing the Legendairy Milk Cups, Spectra Cara Cups, and the Freemie Cups on my YouTube channel!


What Do You Get?

You get two cups and two different size flanges. These two sizes are 24 mm and 28 mm. The coolest thing about these flanges are that they are silicone and squishy. That is pretty awesome. These soft silicone cups are going to be way more comfortable that the hard plastic cups and I’m excited to try them out.

The 24mm size will work well with the common adapters. I use a size 19mm adapter from Mamom and it slips nicely into the 24mm flange, making it the prefect size for me. If you are getting an adapter, please make sure that you get the size you need that will fit into a 24mm cup. That is important. Here is a link to inserts that will fit!

You could also use a BeauGen insert. This helps make things a little more comfortable and also sizes the flange down. I enjoy using these with many of my breast pumps, actually!

Assembly and Parts

Assembly is very easy. You have the flange part and the cup. There is a Duckbill valve and a backflow protector. These cups will be very similar to put together as other cups are. The cup holds 240 mil which is 8 ounces.

It comes assembled, but you do need to boil the parts to clean them well before the first use. DO NOT BOIL THE TUBING. Also included are extra duck bill vales, and an important note, these are different sizes than the traditional duckbill valves that you would put on a pump like the Spectra. So if you need more of these, you need to get these small ones that are specifically made for these cups. Legendairy does sell them on their website.

Pump Compatibility

These Legendairy Cups also come with a few adapters for the tubing so you can use them with different pumps. There is a list of pumps that these adapters will work with along with instructions in the manual that comes with these cups. It looks like you can adapt these cups to most of the commonly used pumps. More information and questions can be found in our facebook group! I’d love to see you over there.

These are a closed system cup, so that means that you can’t hook them to an open system pump. A closed system keeps the milk from entering the tubing and getting into the pump. There aren’t a lot of open style pumps out there anymore, the only one I can think of off the top of my head is the older Medela Pump In Style. (Not the new Medela Pump In Style Max Flow. That is their new pump and it is a closed system.)


I have worn this pump and it feels great and is moderately noticeable. You will have tubing to deal with so bear that in mind. Speaking of tubing, there are many ways that you can use it. You can use the Y tubing and pump from both sides at the same time, or run the tubing straight from one cup to the pump. Many different choices for you.

The cup does have a flat bottom so that you can set it on a table after pumping. It also has a cool little pour spout. That is going to really help pouring the milk out.

If you want to see how these Legendairy Milk Cups compare to the Cara Cups and the Freemie cups, watch this video below! Other questions can be asked in our facebook group or find me on Instagram. Happy Pumping!