Breastmilk Lotion Recipe and Video Tutorial

I’ll admit, I have WAY more breastmilk in the freezer than I need! I’ve been reviewing a lot of breast pumps on YouTube lately, and since I exclusively breastfeed my little one while I work from home, I don’t really need a freezer stash.

Today, I’m going to share with you how to make breastmilk lotion! Yes, you read that right. Lotion with added breastmilk!

Breastmilk lotion is great to clear up diaper rash, help with eczema, get rid of cradle cap, and use up extra breastmilk. It makes skin so soft! I think you are going to love it!

If you’d like to watch the video tutorial, here it is! If you prefer to read, continue on…

Here is what you need…..


DIY breastmilk lotion recipe


To heat up these ingredients, you can use your microwave or a double boiler. You don’t want to cook this mixture, so short spurts in the microwave (20 seconds) then stirring would be ideal. I don’t have a microwave or a double boiler… so I used two pots nestled in each other on the stovetop with the bottom one having some water in it to provide controlled heat for melting. You could also put a glass bowl on top of a pan of water. You just want to heat enough to melt, not cook.

Combine beeswax and grapeseed oil and stir while melting until it looks like one oil.

Remove from heat and add in the Vitamin E oil drops.

At this point, you can add a few drops of your essential oil. Lavender would be a great soothing choice, but you can use the one of your preference.

Now would be a great time to add the Vitamin D oil if you choose to.

Okay, now add in the breast milk. You should see it will start to congeal up. Keep stirring together to mix it into a lotion consistency.

It needs to cool a bit, so put the mixture in the fridge for 1 hour. Then you can put it in a storage container.

There are many storage options. I have a couple leftover jam jars I am going to use, but any plastic or glass container will do.

I really like the consistency of this breastmilk lotion. I would recommend that you try it on a small part of your baby for the first application to see if there is any reaction.

Other Ways to use Breastmilk

On my website, you can also find a recipe and video about making breastmilk soap. Also on my channel is a DIY breastmilk jewelry video. There are lots of cool things that you can do with your breastmilk. You can also through some right into your little ones bath. It really makes their skin so soft and clears up rashes quite quickly. It’s also great on sunburns!

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Breastmilk Lotion Recipe and Video Tutorial