Willow Wearable Breast Pump PROS & CONS

I’m convinced there is no perfect breast pump out there. Every new mom is so unique, their bodies are different, lifestyles, needs, etc… it’s hard to find a one size fits all breast pump that works great for everyone.

The Willow pump though is a game changer in the pumping world. This is a wearable breast pump that has helped many moms meet their pumping and breastfeeding goals!

Like with anything though, there are good things and bad things that come along with it. The “pros” of the Willow pump speak for themselves, so you just have to decide of the “cons” are something you can live with or make work for you!

Personally, I’ve REALLY enjoyed this pump and plan to continue to use it! Here’s what I’ve learned from my personal use as well as talking with other moms in the New Little Life community and elsewhere.

Pros of the Willow Pump


This is one of the biggest pros for many women. You are no longer tied to an outlet to pump, and there are no tubes or other nonsense coming out all over the place.

FINALLY! A pump with real #momlife in mind!


You may argue this pump isn’t discreet, but think about it. NO breast pump is going to be 100% unnoticeable. Wearable pumps are the most discreet pump you’ll find. If you’re not able to pump in a private place or have another reason that pumping may be difficult for you, the Willow breast pump may be a great option for you.

If you want to see what they ACTUALLY look like while in use, I put them on and show you in this video here!

Pump in any position

This, in my opinion, is one of the BIGGEST pros to the Willow pump compared to any other pump.

In fact, I tested this one out myself! I did a 10 minute yoga routine in every crazy position I could think of to see if the pumps leaks. I’ll put it here for you to check out and see how true this claim actually is!


This pump is quiet enough not to be noticed if used correctly. Once you get the suction going and this pump starts doing its thing, it is really quite quiet.

Now, it’s not silent, but no breast pump is. You can see in the video at the end of the post a demonstration of how quiet the Willow pump is along with some other tips on how to pump unnoticed 🙂

Easy assembly

I LOVE that the willow pump only has 4 parts. You have the pump motor, the flange, the flextube, and the bag. This pump is SUPER easy to assemble and get going quickly.

If you’re using the reusable milk containers it’s even faster! It makes getting set up ready to go so easy.

Easy Clean

It’s no surprise that with so few parts, cleaning is very easy. You can rinse off parts in-between uses, clean with soap and water, or sterilize in boiling water depending on which fits your needs best.

*There are great instructions that come with the Willow pump on how to clean and care for it! Make sure you follow those 🙂

App/cool Tech

The Willow pump pairs via bluetooth to the Willow app, how cool is that?? You can control the pump via the app, see how much you’ve pumped, track your pumping output history, and watch tutorial videos! It’s a really cool feature and there is loads of helpful information you can find there.


Wearable breast pumps like the Willow utilize a new style of breast flange as compared to other traditional electric breast pumps, and there is a little learning curve there. Many moms use the Willow as their only pump and have great success! Personally, I have had just as much output with the Willow pump as I do with a more traditional style such as the Spectra. It’s WAY more convenient too than holding those silly flanges for 15 minutes!

Cons of the Willow Pump


This pump has so many pros, it’s no wonder it’s on the high-end cost for a breast pump. At $500, many moms question whether it really is the right option for them. I get it, it’s an investment! At the end of the day, you have to decide if the pros outweigh the cons for you.

There are many videos on the New Little Life YouTube channel if you want to learn more about the Willow! You can also visit the Willow website.

Learning curve

Nipple alignment, set-up & cleaning, finding comfortable pump settings, and pairing with the Willow app are a few things to plan on when first starting out with the Willow! Many of these are things you’ll have to figure out with any breast pump, but the Willow isn’t like most traditional pumps and take a little bit of practice to master.

Most moms say after 5-7 pumping sessions they are filling very comfortable with how the pump works! Plan for a little practice time when you first start out. Don’t make your first time trying this pump your first day back to work!

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This was also on the pros list, and we all know that anytime you add technology into the mix, there’s a potential for things to go a bit wonky. Don’t be scared though, the Willow app is very easy to use. Some users say the amount of milk pumped on the app is different from the actual amount, which can be dishearting sometimes. Most of the time it does a great job though and I haven’t had any issues personally!

“Extra” costs

After you buy the Willow pump, there are a couple of extra things you may want as well, bringing the total up a bit. There are a lot of great extras for this pump, and if you’ve already maxed out your budget you can certainly live without these little “extras”.

If your budget allows, my recommendations for a few extras that will make your life with Willow easier are:

  • Pumping Bags – The Willow pump uses VERY specific bags, and they are about $0.50 per bag, so make sure you account for that monthly cost. You can put them in the freezer right away though, no transfers needed.
  • Reusable Milk Containers – The reusable container eliminate the need to purchase the bags! But they are not included with the basic pump purchase.
  • Wall Charger – The Willow does come with a wall charger, but only one. So if you plan on charging both hubs at the same time, you’ll want an extra one of those.

Sometimes, Willow runs a discount or has a coupon code to get some of these extras free! Check the description of this video for updated deals from Willow.

Less customizable

Another small complaint from moms is that you have to hit a certain amount of breastmilk in the container (0.5oz) before the pump will switch into expression mode. It always starts in stimulation mode, so for moms that want to be able to choose the cycle speed and suction strength at all times, this isn’t possible with the Willow yet.

This could also be considered a pro, as there are less things for you to have to remember to do and deal with. You can still adjust the suction levels for your comfort, and let the pump take care of the rest for you.

Would I recommend the Willow Pump?

Yes. I have and still do think the Willow breast pump is a great pump. What you have to decide is, are these “cons” something you can live with or are any a deal breaker for you. The “pros” list so long it’s easy to see why many moms are loving this hands free pump!

There really isn’t a one size fits all breast pump that works for everyone. So let me know what you think! Learn more about the Willow breast pump on their website, then go comment on this video and tell me! I’d love to answer your questions and see if Willow is right for you.

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Where can I get a Willow breast pump?

Here are 3 different options to learn more about or purchase your Willow breast pump.

Directly from the Willow website is a great place to start. You can use coupons or discounts that Willow offers, check out this video to see the most current offers from Willow!

You can also order via Amazon, because who doesn’t love Amazon???

OR you can see if your insurance provider will cover part or all of the cost of the Willow! Start with a company like Aeroflow and see if that’s an option for you. Some insurance companies will also let you buy the pump from one of the places listed above and then submit a reimbursement form, so ask about that too.

Happy Pumping!

Willow Wearable Breast Pump PROS & CONS