Breastfeeding Gift Basket Ideas!

My FAVORITE gift to see at a baby shower is a breastfeeding gift basket! Having a few of the basics can really help a new mother feel supported and ready to start off on the right foot.

Now, technically, all you need is a baby and a lactating breast to be able to breastfeeding, but there are SO many cool products out there to make it easier, convenient, and enjoyable.

As a lactation counselor, childbirth educator, and mom (of soon-to-be 3!), here are the top picks for a breastfeeding gift basket! Don’t feel like you have to do all of these, because I’ve included a lot, but this will spark some ideas for you! I’ve also included easy shopping links for you to find them easily.

Here’s the video if you prefer to watch! The blog post continues below 🙂

Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

EVERY MOM should have one of these! They are cheap, and really one of the best products out there. It’s not like a traditional breast pump, but it serves a wonderful purpose. Many moms collect extra milk in a haakaa while feeding on the other side and this little bit of extra milk (which was otherwise wasted) can be a life saver.

Nursing Pads

There are two options here, disposable nursing pads and washable nursing pads. Most women who try the washable pads much prefer them, but disposables can be handy too!

Also, if you’re crafty, you can make these! Here’s a video tutorial on how to do that.

Nipple Cream

There are lots of different options here! You can go with the standard Lanolin cream or try a more organic option like Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter or even plain ole’ Coconut oil. These are great to have a few of so get a few different options if you like!

Lactation Cookies

Lactation specific treats are super popular right now! They aren’t going to fix any major issues, but are a great little pick me up for a new mother. Feel free to include a mix like this one or some packaged cookies like these.

Also include other snacks too like protein bars, Gatorade or body armor, nuts, etc.

If you want to get EXTRA creative, you could include some ingredients to make her own lactation snacks. Brewers yeast, flaxseed, or oats.

Online Breastfeeding Course Gift Certificate

This is a super unique idea but a great one! If you really want to show your support to an expecting mother, why not gift her something like a gift certificate to an online course. New Little Life offers a course and gift certificates as well (send a message on the contact page for more gift certificate info). It’s extremely affordable and may be the best gift she gets!

Along those same lines, a great book on breastfeeding like The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding also makes a great gift that will be VERY helpful for her.

Hand Breast Pump

Most insurance companies are providing electric pumps these days, but there is a place for a good hand pump too. They’re easier to carry around or use quickly instead of hooking up the electric pump. Many moms even say they get more milk with a hand pump because they have so much better control. At a much cheaper price, this makes an excellent addition to as little gift basket!

Breastfeeding Coloring Book

This is another product from New Little Life, but what a beautiful addition to any gift basket. Its a simple and beautiful reminder to slow down, take some time for yourself, and be proud of what you accomplish. Pair it with a few coloring supplies and it’s a thoughtful and unique gift.


Nursing moms get SO thirsty! It’s also important to stay hydrated to maintain good milk supply. You can find some really cute water bottles on Amazon or my personal favorite, order a cute customized one from Etsy!

Breastmilk Storage Bags

You can throw in a little box of breastmilk storage bags too, especially if the mother is planning on going back to work or will be pumping a lot. These are cheap and easy to add to a gift, not to mention super useful when you need them!

Cooling Pads and Comfort Items

There are many comfort items available for breastfeeding mothers. These Soothies are amazing for sore nipples! You can also find little start kits like these that include several comfort items.

Boppy Pillow or My Brestfriend Nursing Pillow

Here’s a boppy pillow with no cover, but there are some CUTE options for covers for these on Amazon!

The My Brestfriend Nursing Pillow is also a great option. The difference between these two comes down to personal preference, but they’re both great to have, especially in the early months.

I’ve always wanted to try this Adjustable Nursing Pillow as well! The customizability of it seems convenient.


breastfeeding gift basket - printable downloads

This is a super unique gift to include, but some informational cards would be great for a new mom to have in the back of her breastfeeding bag. You can make your own using a program like Canva, or purchase these downloads pictured here. You can even add a little flare with some card stock or other scrapbooking supplies if you wanted!

Lactation Massager

This is not necessarily a must-have item, but would be a great gift. A massager like this can be used when pumping to get some extra output or if she develops a clogged duct which many mothers do.

A cute basket!

Breastfeeding gift basket

A little tote like this on is not only a great gift holder, but will double as a portable nursing station for her. Moms breastfeed all over the house so having your go-to supplies all in one place that a partner can run and grab for you is essential!

Here’s another really adorable option!

Other little things

Here’s a few little other ideas you may want to throw in as some filler

What NOT to include

The only breastfeeding-related product I would NOT include would be a nipple shield. These are widely available but can cause some problems with supply, babies latch, and should really only be used on advice from a Lactation Professional.


I hope you enjoyed this Breastfeeding Gift Basket list! Comment below and tell me what else you’d include to help with successful breastfeeding.

Don’t forget to head over the YouTube channel and see other breastfeeding-related videos over there! See you next time!

~ All things for you and your new little life ~

Breastfeeding Gift Basket Ideas!

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