Birth Affirmations (nature theme) – Words of encouragement for the birthing time

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Words are a powerful tool and can be used to create positive or negative emotions, thoughts, feelings, and physical reactions. Words or mantas can be spoken, thought, or read and some women choose to use the power of words to help relax and cope with the intensities of labor.

What are birth affirmations?

Birth affirmations are statements that help you to think and speak positively so you feel encouraged, strong, and calm during birth. You can also use affirmations to prepare mentally and emotional during pregnancy and then carry you through each surge (contraction) during your birthing time.

How do you use affirmations for birth?

You can hang birthing affirmations in your birth space, print cards to carry with you, have a list of affirmations that are meaningful to you for others to say or remind you of, listen to pregnancy and birth affirmations on audio tracks (such as done in the Hypnobabies program), or any other unique ideas you have.


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Words are important.

The words you choose to put inside your mind are important. You’ll find a new respect for the power of words you use to describe your feelings and sensations during your birthing time if you choose to learn hynpobabies techniques, but even if you don’t I’ve designed these birth affirmations to work for everyone while still incorporating positive and neutral words.

Some affirmations leave no room for the unpredictability of birth and I always strive to use words and phrases that will carry you through any turn your birth journey takes.



Download 15 Free Printable Birth Affirmations – Nature Theme

15 FREE printable birth affirmations - Nature Theme, hypnobirth friendly


*** I love being creative and learning what images and words help other women feel strong and empowered. If there’s a specific style of birth affirmation or phrase your looking for, please comment below so I can make more affirmations for all to enjoy! ***

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